Airtel Family and Friends Code

Airtel Family and Friends Code

Are you one of those looking for Airtel family and friends code? You are on right track as you will definitely get what you are looking for here in this article.

Airtel Family and Friends

As part of the telecommunication company’s commitment to ensuring that customers get good deals, they introduce the ‘Family and Friends’ package. This package allows Airtel subscribers to pay less while calling the registered numbers.

If you are trying to ‘migrate to Airtel Family and friends’ package, then you should at least learn one or more things about the Family and Friends package.

Airtel Nigeria tries to subsidies call rate for their subscribers while calling family members as well as friends. This is done to enable their subscribers get closer to their family members. Enjoy discount each and every time you call numbers registered in the family and friends package.

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How Airtel Family and Friends Service Works

With the Airtel Family and Friends package, you are opportune to register five airtel numbers for free. You are also allowed to delete whichever number you don’t want on the list. However, for you to add more than five Airtel numbers to the list, you will pay a fee of N50 for each number.

Registering or Adding Family and Friends on Airtel Network

The process of registering family and friends on the Airtel network is quite easy. Here is the Airtel family and friends code:

  • Simply dial: * 141 * 2 * Number #
  • For instance, dial: * 141 * 2 * 08021234567 #
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Removing or Deleting Numbers on Airtel Family and Friends

This process is also as simple as adding numbers on this service. In order to do this:

  • Simply dial: * 141 * 3 * Number #
  • For instance, dial: * 141 * 3 * 08021234567 #

View list of registered numbers on Airtel Family and Friends

In order to view list of registered users on Airtel Family and Friends service:

  • Simply dial: * 141 * 5 #

Call rate for Airtel Family and Friends

Between the hours of 6 am and 9.59 pm, calls made to registered Airtel Family and Friends line attracts a call rate of 25 Kobo per second.

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And between the hours of 10 pm and 5.59 am, calls made to registered Airtel Family and Friends line attracts a call rate of 21 Kobo per second.

For further enquiries, you can speak to Airtel call representative by dialing 111.

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