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Price of Cooking Gas Cylinder in Nigeria Today (Price of Refilling Gas in Nigeria)

Are you in search of information about the price of cooking gas in Nigeria today? Yes, we have the current price of cooking gas in Nigeria. 

After deciding to use gas, the next step is to purchase a gas cylinder, which comes in various sizes and weights in kilograms. This extremely flammable condensate is stored under pressure in a suitable cylinder to minimize escape into the air and avoid unnecessary explosion and the hazards that come with it.

Check if the cylinder is sturdy, constructed of reinforced metal, durable with anti-rust features, and approved by the Standard Organisation of Nigeria while purchasing cylinders online or from an offline vendor's shop. Check if there are any malfunctioning valves that allow cooking gas to flow out. Brass cylinder valves are the most popular and reliable.

Pipes or hosts, clips, Tri-pot stand, regulators, Valves, Adapters, steel Burners, Anti-rust coverings, and sitters are some of the other components that come with a normal gas cylinder. These other elements or accessories, like the cylinder itself, come in a variety of colors and finishes. They can even be manufactured to order; simply choose the one that best matches your kitchen and pair it with your stove.

Today's gas cylinder prices in Nigeria

The cost of purchasing an empty gas cylinder differs from the cost of purchasing one that has been refilled. Prices vary based on whether or not these gas containers are imported. The following is a list of cylinder prices as seen in major cities.

Gas Cylinder Size and Current Price

2 kg         ₦5,000
3 kg         ₦8,500
4 kg        ₦9,000
5 kg         ₦12,000
6 kg         ₦14,000
6.5 kg ₦15,000
10 kg ₦16,000
12.5 kg ₦18,500
19 kg ₦23,500
25 kg ₦30,000
50 kg ₦36,000 – ₦60,000

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