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Scabies Treatment in Nigeria (Sweetie Treatment | Sweety Treatment)

Looking for how treat scabies in Nigeria, this article on scabies treatment in Nigeria has got you covered. You will learn a lot about scabies in Nigeria and how some people have successfully treated it.

Scabies Treatment in Nigeria

NOTE: This article is not written by a medical practitioner. Rather, these are experiences of other Nigerians in the treatment of scabies.

Let's take a look a how scabies is being treated. 

How to Treat Scabies in Nigeria: People's Experiences

Respondent 1 on Treating Scabies

I think you need to wash all your clothes and bed sheet with hot water and iron them before using it, so that the mite. can die . because if you use the lotion and it kills them and you use the same clothing you were using they will only find their way back to your body, my doctor said they have eggs, the mite can't stay away from the human body for more than 3days. so know how you stay away from clothes. I am still battling mine but i am getting results. .i started treating scabies for a week now. I sleep with wrapper and wash them every 3days. and please reduce the way you use benzyl cus it can pass through your skin pores to your body. ...God help us...also treat your roommate or bedmate.
and i also heard the mite may be dead but the itching would not stop until 2/3 weeks because the skin is reacting to the dead mite in your skin, so after benzyl and mectizin take drugs meant to stop itching like LORATYN 10 my doctor prescribed. this f##ckin scabies steals your sleep. as you can see the Time m posting. just making use of it to surf the net and study. PARDON MISSPELLING, MY EYES IS SLEEPY, BUT THE BODY IS NOT. 

Respondent 2 on Treating Scabies

This (scabies) thing your talking about happened to one of my guy and with just herb it cured completely.. That's when I believe sometimes our herb here works wonder.

Respondent 3 on Treating Scabies

I just stopped using benzly, mectizan worked for those ones too, there's this pharmacy I bought mectizan #10 per tablet, I bought it for like #200, I used to take like 4-5 tablets everyday, I did it for like 4 days back to back, it really helped me, to me I'll say mectizan cured the scabies, because at some point I don't know if the mites on my body started developing resistance to benzly, but immediately I started taking the mectizan, the itching reduced, I don't know if it's just my kind of body though, all I'm just trying to say is, try mectizan, let's see if it'll work, and also I forgot to add, there's this article I read online, where they had to treat patients with scabies, using banzyl and mectizan, at the end of four weeks to five, they came up with a conclusion that mectizan is more effective.

Respondent 4 on Treating Scabies

As for me I used well diluted household bleach to get rid of that itching parasite when I experienced it.

Although mine was not severe, just two spots on my body but mehn it was discomforting especially when sunny & sweaty.

Bleach helped kill the bugs quickly but it scarred my skin.

Respondent 5 on Treating Scabies

Benzyl lotion is very good
They can also use lindane lotion or Permethrin cream

Respondent 6 on Treating Scabies

The mites quickly lay their eggs on the skin of the scrotum (blokos) thus an intense scratching sensation begins, the itchy balls soon becomes unbearable. Thereafter you purchase benzyl benzoate recommended by your doctor, this in turns burns like hell, the stinging sensation is like a million needles stabbing your balls but alas alongside the Ivermectin, you soon start feeling relief and soon the scabies is a thing of the past. However mild itching still continues.

Respondent 7 on Treating Scabies

Okay. This is what helped me. Encourage him to Improve personal hygiene. Bath twice daily with warm water. All his clothes should be washed in warm water to kill them. Do this with the medication given by a Doctor and he'll be fine soon.

Final Thoughts on Scabies Treatment in Nigeria

Above are ways by which many Nigerians treated scabies. Are you treating yours or you know someone treating his or her own? Share with them.

Also, let's know what you think of our scabies treatment in Nigeria guide.

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