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Scabies Treatment in Nigeria (Sweetie Treatment | Sweety Treatment)

Looking for how treat scabies in Nigeria, this article on scabies treatment in Nigeria has got you covered. You will learn a lot about scabies in Nigeria and how some people have successfully treated it. NOTE: This article is not written by a medical practitioner. Rather, these are experiences of other Nigerians in the treatment of scabies. Let's take a look a how scabies is being treated.  How to Treat Scabies in Nigeria: People's Experiences Respondent 1 on Treating Scabies I think you need to wash all your clothes and bed sheet with hot water and iron them before using it, so that the mite. can die . because if you use the lotion and it kills them and you use the same clothing you were using they will only find their way back to your body, my doctor said they have eggs, the mite can't stay away from the human body for more than 3days. so know how you stay away from clothes. I am still battling mine but i am getting results. .i started treating scabies for a week now. I s