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Is OJ Simpson Innocent or Guilty? Did he kill Nicole Brown Simpson and Ron Goldman

This article presents views of some Quora users on the innocence or guilt of  OJ Simpson in the murder of his ex wife, Nicole Brown Simpson and her friend Ron Goldman.

Is OJ Simpson Innocent or Guilty? Did he kill Nicole Brown Simpson and Ron Goldman

Is OJ Simpson Innocent? - OJ Simpson is Innocent by Raymond Beck

Zero chance of guilt. OJ was totally innocent, not even in LA when Nicole & Ron were killed. Marcia Clark concealed the phone records showing Nicole was talking to her mother when OJ was already on a flight to Chicago. 

The murder scene shoe prints were too small, only 11 1/2 inches long, while OJ’s feet were a full 12 inches without socks or shoes. the shoe prints showed a slow normal walk. OJ retired due to an injury. He walked with a slight limp, and was bow legged and pigeon toed from childhood rickets. IF he did it, it would have been in a spontaneous rage, where he’s walking fast, or limping fast. 

But the shoe prints show nothing unusual, just a slow walk. A witness who never testified, same name as one of the police, Tom Lange, was an expert on car models and was present when the killers left in another car, that was not a Bronco. LAPD Det. Mark Furhman took the 5th when asked if he framed OJ. Internationally respected forensic scientist Henry Lee testified there was too little blood if it came from OJ bleeding. 

Passengers on OJ’s flight to Chicago said they looked at OJ’s hands trying to find a super bowl ring (he never had one), and saw no blood or cut in his hands. Defense attorney Barry Scheck proved the DNA evidence was tainted, contaminated, planted. EDTA in the blood proved it was planted. Johnny Conchran gets credit for the win with his rhetoric, but Scheck literally proved OJ was framed, with science. 

Scheck was the DNA expert himself, helping endless innocents get their convictions overturned in Innocence Projects with DNA tests. OJ felt guilty though, because he suspected his son Jason did it, so OJ told his defense team not to bring up Jason. OJ allowed himself to be nearly framed, by protecting his son. OJ also loved Nicole. She wanted to get back together because she ran up too many drug debts and couldn’t pay. 

Faye Reznick said, let’s hope OJ did it, otherwise…. drug dealers did it, and they’ll be back. Ron worked at the Mezaluna restaurant, where death was an occupational hazard. It was front for drug money laundering. Nicole hoped to get more of OJ’s money, by remarrying him. Nicole & Ron frequented the Dragonfly nightclub where an owner, Cantor was killed the same way as Nicole and Ron, knife cuts and a nearly severed head. Whoever killed Cantor killed Nicole & Ron. OJ didn’t even know Cantor. 

Professionals killed them all, with a cut to the vocal chords first to prevent any yelling for help, then teaser torture cuts, finally fatal cuts with a longer knife, all indicated in the autopsy. Professional hitmen killed them all. 

The autopsy also shows bruises on Ron’s knuckles where he fought desperately for his life. But there’s no corresponding marks on OJ where Ron would have hit him. The prosecution made a big deal out of the cut on OJ’s hand as if he had cut himself while knifing Nicole & Ron. 

Yet there is no cut or hole in the gloves corresponding to the cut in OJ’s hand. OJ cut himself in a Chicago motel, not in LA. LAPD tore apart OJ’s shower, and bathroom plumbing and didn’t find even the tiniest residue of blood. Where did OJ clean up if he killed two people that night?

Is OJ Simpson Innocent? - We are not sure by Michael Rose

The question poses a yes/no question: Was OJ guilty? The plain answer is no, because he was found not guilty by a duly empaneled jury (after a knock-down-drag-out circus of a trial). You can ascribe this to high quality, high powered, high priced criminal defense lawyers, inept, overreaching prosecutors, lying racist cops, biased judges, a lack of moral fiber, or even (gasp!) a failure of proof, or any of a number of other things or combination of them, but the jury’s verdict was “not guilty” — the state of California hadn’t proven its case beyond a reasonable doubt — and not guilty he is. . .by definition.

This doesn’t mean he’s innocent. Criminal juries don’t decide factual innocence; they decide the adequacy of the case presented by the government. Whether he actually killed his wife or not is a separate question that wasn’t decided by the jury in his criminal trial. Had he been found guilty, that still wouldn’t have answered the question of whether OJ actually did it. If you were to ask the question differently — something more direct like “Did OJ Simpson murder his wife and her friend?” you might get answers closer to those you were looking for. (My personal take is that I haven’t seen or heard the evidence, and I can’t and won’t rely on media reports, but the civil jury that did evaluate the evidence found that he probably did kill her, and that’s pretty close to my thought on the matter based on my limited information. . .but then again, I’m a trial lawyer and that’s how I think about these things).

Is OJ Simpson Innocent? - No, I don't Believe he was innocent by Marina Gkane

No, i don’t believe O.J. Simpson was innocent. He was found NOT guilty only in the criminal trial BECAUSE:

You had the LAPD planting evidence, covering things up (Rodney marsh incident) and the LA riots.
OJ could hire the best defense lawyers who knew this case was won on 2 things:
1) Getting the right jury 2) Remind them of all the "injustice" the LAPD has done to them/family/friends in the past. He could have confessed there and then but it was about the jury vs the LAPD.

Even Robert Kardashian was shocked when they said not guilty!His face literally said it all! Robert Kardashian's face when the verdict was announced told the world he knew the truth and that one of the worlds greatest miscarriages of justice had just happened. The only reason he beat this case is because these 12 jurors did not understand DNA evidence at the time, it was in it's infancy but, Today, No one can beat DNA evidence if it is theirs. and many people today are being freed from jail and death row because of DNA evidence that proves that it wasn't them who committed the crime.

Is OJ Simpson Innocent? - 100% Guilty of the Crime by John Serrano

100% guilty of the crime in the real world here. He had prooven himself incapable of being showed up by any other man, never mind a woman. Now when he gets shown up by another man and a woman at the sametime well now thats unacceptable for little short shank o.j simpson.

He got off because of money and name recognition. The best lawyers in the world in their prime drool over a case as simpsons. They make out in every single way. Reward is money and massive news coverage world wide, even if their client is found guilty.

Honor is what defined our greatest generation. Honor is not justice. Honor is not a multi billion bank account. Honor is you and me standing together as one for what our mothers and fathers truely believed was right. Now more thank ever we need strong men with honor to get in the way of the corrput politicians and what not for what is right for us, we the people. End the days where o.j short shank can kill his wife and lover in a fot of rage and somehow get away with it.

Think of this as if it were real life taxes, where exposed loop holes are the target, not reality or the truth. Enough momentum towards the loop hole and youre golden. What a pitiful country, we the people need to grow up amd band togethet, bothing is more powerful than truth and honor, can you imagine if we stuck together on issues as of this? The world would truley be a better place, bo more rush Limbaugh, no more Republican ttash fox news

Is OJ Simpson Innocent? - The Race Card has been played before now, only in favor of Whites - Doug McDowell

OJ Simpson was acquitted of murdering his wife Nicole and her friend Ron Goldman. Those who feel that his acquittal was unjust, or that the members on the jury were racially motivated should realize that if true, it would not be the first time. There have been hundreds perhaps thousands of trials where the accused walked free because of their race. Of course all of those with the exception of OJ were White men.

The examples of this are legion. For instance four years prior, the officers that were video taped beating Rodney King were all acquitted of any wrong doing. All were White as were all the jurors on their case. Even with video evidence of the beating all four officers were acquitted. I don’t think I have to example any more because we all know that White men being acquitted of crimes, especially those committed against Blacks, by all White juries, is a fairly common occurrence. Well since 1865 or so, prior to that Blacks in America had no rights regarding life, liberty or the pursuit of happiness, no rights at all.

Its very telling that in 25 years this case is still fretted over. Those still bothered by OJ’s acquittal must look at the race component because that’s the only unique thing about this case. Robert Blake, a White celebrity acquitted of killing his wife ten years after the OJ trail never gets mentioned. No one seems the least bit concerned or surprised by his acquittal. The only difference is that he was White.

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