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Best of Bobby Shmurda DJ Mixtape

Here is the Best of Bobby Shmurda DJ Mixtape songs . This mixtape was carefully made to give you the vibes and show the great talent of this singer. Download Best of Bobby Shmurda MP3 (Bobby Shmurda DJ Mixtape ) You can download Bobby Shmurda DJ Mixtape mp3 here.  Enter your email address: Delivered by FeedBurner Download Best of Nina Simone Mixtape

Is OJ Simpson Innocent or Guilty? Did he kill Nicole Brown Simpson and Ron Goldman

This article presents views of some Quora users on the innocence or guilt of  OJ Simpson in the murder of his ex wife, Nicole Brown Simpson and her friend Ron Goldman. Is OJ Simpson Innocent? - OJ Simpson is Innocent by Raymond Beck Zero chance of guilt. OJ was totally innocent, not even in LA when Nicole & Ron were killed. Marcia Clark concealed the phone records showing Nicole was talking to her mother when OJ was already on a flight to Chicago.  The murder scene shoe prints were too small, only 11 1/2 inches long, while OJ’s feet were a full 12 inches without socks or shoes. the shoe prints showed a slow normal walk. OJ retired due to an injury. He walked with a slight limp, and was bow legged and pigeon toed from childhood rickets. IF he did it, it would have been in a spontaneous rage, where he’s walking fast, or limping fast.  But the shoe prints show nothing unusual, just a slow walk. A witness who never testified, same name as one of the police , Tom Lange, was an expert o