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Best Hotels in Otta (Ota), Ogun State

Best Hotels in Otta, Ogun State 

Otta, alternatively spelt Ota is a town in Ogun State, Nigeria. It is a town that borders Ogun with Lagos State and Republic of Benin. In recent time, Otta is now growing to be a very popular town, thanks to the many industries that are cited in the town. 

Best Hotels in Otta (Ota), Ogun State

It is also well known for being a host town to the global-renowned Winners Chapel which has one of the world largest church auditorium centres. The presence of two of the foremost private universities in Nigeria, Covenant University and Bells University of Technology also makes this commercial town a hub for hospitality business. 

Why is Otta a Popular Town for Visitors? 

Known for commerce and industries, Otta is arguably the most industrious town in Nigeria due to the concentration of factories and industries in the town. The presence of these industries gives the town a high score when it comes to popularity; and it is a one-stop for small-scale, mid-level and big business owners. 

The annual Shiloh Christian conference at Winners Chapel is another reason for the popularity of this town, with worshippers in their hundreds of thousand trooping into the town for this religious programme all over the world. The church’s Sunday weekly services also attract worshippers in hundreds of thousands to the town. 

Hotels in Otta

Best Hotels in Otta, Ogun State

With all the industries, commercial, religious and academic activities in Otta, the importance of hotels cannot be underestimated and overlooked, as the town has visitors trooping in on daily basis.

This article tends to help visitors have knowledge about hotels in Otta and to help them choose which is best for them. With this in mind, let us delve into the top ten hotels in Otta, Ogun State, Nigeria. 

Best Hotels in Otta 

1 Eden Hotel and Resorts 

Eden Hotel and Resorts is arguably the best hotel in Otta. It is a luxury four-star hotel which is famous for its excellent services, state-of-the-art facilities, serenity, dedicated workers and calmness. The hotel has three categories of room – Standard room, Deluxe room as well as Suites which are fully furnished with modern facilities coupled with free Wi-Fi access. 

Other facilities by the hotel include banquet and event halls, board room, swimming pool, gymnasium, spa, intercontinental and Chinese restaurant, spacious parking lot, well-trained security personnel and Club Voyage, the first and only nightclub in Otta. 

Eden Hotel and Resorts feels truly residential, like a home away from home. With guests at the hotel’s individual rooms and suites having access to pools, lounge areas and Chinese restaurant. For this reason, it appeals to those with specific luxury and class, and it is suitable for corporate organizations, couples on honeymoon, independent travelers, groups, team-bonding picnic and families seeking a peaceful serene environment for relaxation. 

A stay at Eden Hotel and Resorts offers more than just luxury; rather, it opens guests to opportunities and inspirations in this part of the world. The hotel strives to deliver experiences that are individual to you and make your stay worthwhile.

2 Leksokky Hotel

Leksokky Hotel is one of the best hotels in Otta, Ogun State and it is regarded as a hospitality abode for visitors and travellers. The hotel’s location and calmness makes it a great abode for visitors and travellers. Leksokky Hotel boasts of nice rooms with flat TV screen sets, air conditioners, reading table, telephone and more. 

3 Hotel de Currency 

Hotel de Currency is a hotel which offers modern tasteful d├ęcor with lovely touch. The various rooms and suites in the hotel are carefully designed to meet the taste of guests. Facilities offered by the hotel include bar, swimming pool, restaurant, bar, event hall among others. 

4 Vintage Nest

Vintage Nest is another home of hospitality in Otta that offers travelers a wonderful night stay. The hotel boasts of state-of-the-art facilities which meet fresh needs. The rooms bring the taste of freshness which is coupled with modern bathrooms, digital TV, air conditioning and more. 

5 Bezer Hall and Hotel

Bezer Hall and Hotel offers you excitement and colorful taste as the hotel pride itself with giving guests the global taste of hospitality. The hotel boasts of 47 modern rooms of different kinds to make your stay worthwhile. 

6 Maridom Palace Hotel

Regarded as one of the best hotels in Otta, Maridom Palace Hotel offers guest rooms equipped with modern facilities to give them a perfect night stay. Their wide range of services also includes meetings, rooms, event halls, sauna, gym and bar.

7 Prowess Hotel and Suites 

Prowess Hotel and Suites is a hotel in Otta which is equipped with contemporary facilities such as air conditioners, flat screen TVs and sofa, with each room also having a refrigerator. Other facilities in the hotel include swimming pool and gym. 

8 Grand-Bank Link Hotel 

Situated opposite Bells University of Technology, Grand-Bank Link Hotel boasts of a good-looking building and facilities, coupled with well-trained personnel. Their rooms come in different kinds, ranging from standard room to deluxe and executive rooms. Other facilities in the hotel include a swimming pool, restaurant, gym and a big parking space. 

9 The Temperance Hotel 

The Temperance Hotel is an ideal hotel for travellers, as it has facilities that will make your stay there worthwhile. The hotel has over one hundred rooms which include standard rooms, executive rooms and business suites. Their rooms are well furnished with modern gadgets to meet your needs. Other facilities in the hotel include swimming pool, pool bar, conference hall and more. 

10 Stage 5 Hotel 

Stage 5 Hotel completes the list of the top ten best hotels in Otta. It is situated in a good environment; the hotel offers guests three categories of room which includes single room, executive room and luxury room. Stage 5 hotel also have a restaurant and bar area where guests can eat and take a drink of their choice. Other amenities offered by the hotel include swimming pool, garden, laundry facilities among others. 

Final Thoughts on Best Hotels in Ota, Ogun State 

I hope with this you have learnt one or two things about the best hotel in Otta, Ogun State.

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