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What do Bed Bug Look Like to the Human Eye?

This article answers your question: what do bed bug look like to the human eye? Bed bugs are very tiny at a length of 4 to 7 mm, but you can see bed bugs with the naked eye. They are usually oval shape with flat bodies and range in color from Red, Tan, and Brown.

What do Bed Bug Look Like to the Human Eye?

Cimex lectularius is the insect species commonly known as bedbugs. Bedbugs were relatively common in the United States until World War II. The populations dipped in the U.S. after that time, but there’s been an uptick in the past few decades, possibly due to less-effective insecticides and an increase in international travel.

Bedbugs don’t fly or jump like other insects do. They crawl, and move from their hiding places in tiny crevices to feed on people as they sleep.

“They want to be as unnoticed as possible, which is why they retreat to the deepest, darkest crevices in your home, your apartment, or your hotel,” says Eric Braun, a board-certified entomologist and business manager for the national pest control company Rentokil Steritech. “If they’re observed or spotted, they don’t have any means to escape quickly with the exception of crawling back to the cracks and crevices where they came from.”

Can You See Bed Bugs with the Naked Eye?

Detecting bed bugs is not an easy task, as they are minuscule in size and can hide in the tiniest cracks. Because they are so small, bed bugs can often be missed until there are signs of an infestation. Their bites are also often confused with those of other pests. Informing yourself on what these little pests look like, and learning about their behaviors, will help you identify any bed bugs you may have in your home. If you know what to look for, yes–you can see bed bugs with the naked eye!

What do bed bug eggs look like?

Bed bug eggs are the size of a pinhead and are milky white in colour. They are oval in shape, resembling a grain of rice. Bed bug eggs can be marked with an eye spot when they are more than 5 days old.

Bed bug nymphs

Bed bug nymphs go through five instars (stages) during their growth into adulthood. At each stage they moult, shedding their exoskeleton in order to grow.

Bed bug nymphs need to feed at least once before each moult and process to the next instar and each instar lasts between 4-8 days before moulting into their adult stage.

Final Thoughts on What do Bed Bug Look Like to the Human Eye?

Bed bugs are very tiny, but you can definitely see them with the human eye. They like to hide in cozy dark places, but they can also hide in places you wouldn’t expect such as behind a frame on the wall.

If you have noticed signs that you have bed bugs do an inspection on the areas listed here and if you have traveled recently try looking through your suitcase too.

There a many ways to get rid of bed bugs and you can effectively get rid of bed bugs with home remedies that can save you lots of money.

It’s very important that you find and kill bed bugs quickly because they can spread fast and infest your home creating a nightmare for you and your family.

By now, you should know what a bed bug looks like to the human eye.

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