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How to Get Rid of Bed Bug Bites

This article is all about how you can get rid of bed bug bites. Red, swollen and itchy skin might be as a result of bites from bed bugs. Though, bed bug bites are harmless, itching which accompanies them will lead to bacterial infection, if continue to scratch the skin. So, it is significant to know how to get rid of bed bug bites.

How to Get Rid of Bed Bug Bites

Symptoms of bed bug bites

Know the symptoms for bedbug bites before knowing ways to cure them

  • Redness
  • Pain
  • Swelling
  • Itching
  • Nausea
  • Dizziness
  • Cramps
  • High temperature fever

Treatments for Bed Bug Bites

Oral treatments

Avoid scratching skin where you experience itch of bedbug bite. Either you can use anti-cream or calamine lotion and apply over the itchy skin or use creams that contain diphenhydramine to get instant relief. You can place washcloth in the affected part and experience relief from itchy feeling. If you have scratched itchy skin quite badly, then you must consult the doctor who can give anti-biotic medication to get prevent bacterial skin-infection.

Non-chemical treatments

You can look for non-chemical treatments for getting rid of bed bug bites. Wash your bed regularly and areas around it using vacuum. Wash bedding and cloth at temp of 120 degree F and place it in dryer set at high-heat for 20 mins to wipe-out resident bed bugs and their eggs.

Chemical treatments

Eliminate bed-bugs via applying odour insecticide-spray or dust mainly designed for bed-bugs, in the places of where the bedbugs enter frequently. If you bedbug infestation, get in-touch with pest-control service towards professionally kill them.

Home Remedies for Bed Bug Bites

Let me tell you some tips that can help you lot in getting rid of bed bug bites fast and naturally.


One of the best ways to get rid of bedbug bite is to use banana. Take banana peel and place it directly over the infected areas. Leave for 30 mins before washing it and that can help to ease bedbug bites.

Note: if you have open wound or cut then you must avoid this method to treat bedbug bites.

Ice Pack

Take ice-cube from freezer and place over the bitten areas that can calm-down your itching sensation.

Baking soda

It is one of the old proven natural remedy to get heal form bed bug bites. Apply this soda with mix of water in the affected area to get heal of it.


It is very effective home remedy for bedbug bites. Take few paste and apply in the infected part and you can see instant relief from it.

Prevention of Bed Bug Bites

Cover the body while going to bed via wearing pyjamas and sleep in the mosquito net since bed bugs don’t burrow beneath clothing. Inspect mattress, furniture and bed for signs of bedbugs. Treat bedbug infested bedding and remove heavily infested ones.

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