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Bed Bug Signs in Mattress

This article discusses bed bug stains on mattress. Early detection of bed bugs on your mattress is crucial for elimination of the pests. If you wait too long, the bed bug colony could become established, making extermination costly and time-intensive.

Bed Bug Signs in Mattress

It is important to understand the signs of bed bugs to detect them early in their infestation process.

Bed bugs are a hardy foe and can be difficult to exterminate. They reproduce quickly; females typically can lay between one to three eggs in a day, which could calculate into 200 to 300 eggs in her lifetime.

Once her eggs hatch (leaving the telltale eggshells behind), the nymphs need only a single blood meal before moving on to their next life stage.

Signs of Bed Bugs on Your Mattress


Bed bugs shed their shells a couple of times of years in five out of their six life stages. When the shells have been shed, they smear on mattress covers or sheets and look like rust stains or blood.

Additionally, bed bug excrement will stain linens and upholstery, presenting as tar or dirt smears. Inspect stains carefully as the type of stain could be one of the earliest signs of a bed bug infestation. It’s important to catch bed bugs early so that they do not spread throughout your property.


One of the most obvious signs of bed bug infestation in your mattress is the skin piercing and shriek-inducing bites. Different people have a different tolerance level for these bites. Some people don’t feel the bites at all unless their house is flooding with bed bugs.

Yet others can feel even one tiniest bed bug crawling past them. So if you are on your bed and suddenly feel a needle-like pain, know that it is a bed bug.

If you know any bed bug sensitive person, ask them to sit on your bed for a moment to help you detect their presence.

Live bugs

The incontrovertible early proof that you have a bed bug problem in a property is finding a live bug. Bed bugs are about the size and shape of an apple seed – five millimeters. They are brownish, wingless, and have flat oblong bodies.

When they’ve been feeding, they swell up and turn bright red, and it may take them a few days to shrink back down again. A live bug is an early sign of bed bugs on your mattress(es).

Bed bug infestation is no laughing matter. It is a costly and time-consuming elimination process, so spotting bed bugs early on a mattress is crucial to saving yourself money, time, and stress.


Every time the bed bugs feed on your blood, they grow up. When their body grows and they mature in age, they have to let go of their old shell, a process referred to as molting. Look out for empty shells and skin on your bed.

A bed bug goes through five stages of growing up and during each phase, it sheds the shell and skin. So basically a bed bug molts five times during its lifetime. If you have a large infestation on your mattress then there will be at least hundreds of shells on your mattress.

Don’t misunderstand these shells as dead bed bugs, they are signs that your bed bugs have grown bigger thanks to the blood you have been feeding them.


Bed bugs communicate by secreting chemicals for other bugs to pick up on. It is a very faint scent, so if the mattress(es) or surrounding area stinks, you’re probably dealing with an established colony of bed bugs. Rely on other early signs of bed bugs on mattresses – like shells, smears, or live bugs – if you want to catch them sooner rather than later.

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