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Bed Bug Rash: Symptoms, Treatment, Causes

This article is all about knowing what a bed bug rash is - how it looks like on skin. Find out how to recognize bed bug bites rash and what remedies can help treat the itch and clear the skin rashes.

Bed Bug Rash: Symptoms, Treatment, Causes

Anyone, regardless of where they live or their level of hygiene, can suffer the effects of a bed bug infestation. A common misconception regarding bed bugs is the belief these creatures only make homes among those who are dirty, unclean or risky with their activities. The truth is these insects pay no mind to your social status, living conditions or hygiene level.

These are truly equal opportunity parasites. Bed bugs simply require a haven to hide within your suitcase, clothing, boxes, purse and even shoes. After hitching a ride on one of your belongings, it's only a matter of time before a few bugs proliferate into a nest filled with hundreds, if not thousands, of swift-moving, hard-to-kill pests.

Because these insects typically hide throughout the day and are masters in finding hard-to-reach areas within your bed, furniture or room, many people are unaware an infestation is thriving until they begin to experience physical symptoms.

Unfortunately, side effects of being feasted upon generally begin as small insect bites, which are typically attributed to mosquitoes, spiders or another minor insect. While it may be difficult to identify the source of a mysterious bed bug bite, it's imperative to closely inspect the size, proliferation, and location of each bite.

Knowing Bed Bug Rash

Bed bug rash won’t be visible but first you can feel the itch, this is the first sign of bed bugs. Compare to mosquito bites bed bugs bite itchier. When mosquito sucking your blood and you will feel hurt while its sting.

After the skin bitten by bed bugs, you will fill itch an hour after that.  Bed bugs have anesthetics in its saliva this causes it. In order to avoid blood clotting, bed bugs inject anticoagulant and anesthetics before they suck your blood from your skin.

After it stings you bed bug rash will appear an hour after that. It will take some days or week for some people the bed bug rash appear from being bitten. Chemicals stung by bed bugs have different reaction the some people.

What does a bed bug rash look like?

Compare to mosquito rash bed bugs rush look more swollen starts with red round and small bump. A single swollen bump bed bugs rash when it becomes visible. The bed bug rash will multiple after a couple days later.

Other bed bugs are biting you that what it is means. Bed bugs rash seems like an in-line bite marks for some people. When people moves a lot when they asleep this kind of bed bug rash will look like.

If bed bugs noticed any movement around them, they return fast to their hiding place. Observe it for some days if you have a rash that you suspect as a bed bugs rash. Even after days that bed bug rash appears it will still itchy.  Bed bug rush stays swollen for weeks also it doesn’t heal as soon as mosquito bite marks.

How Long Does the Bite Rash Last?

How long a bed bug rash last is really dependent on the individuals being bitten. Some people will not have any reaction at all while for others who are skin sensitive to allergies, they may develop a skin rash together with the bite welts that can become extremely itchy as they get bitten repeatedly.

Typically bed bug rashes will show up a few hours after the actual biting but there are some cases whereby the skin rash does not appear until a few days or even two weeks later since this is dependent on the allergy reaction to the person that is being bitten.

Generally, the rash of bed bugs will last for two or three days and then slowly fade away. However the rashes can last much longer if the person is more allergic prone. Often it will require some medical intervention to finally clear up the skin rash completely.


Unlike other insects, bed bugs bite in close proximity to the previous bite. This means the affected area is formed by a cluster of small bumps. In either a few hours or days after the initial bite – these bumps will develop into a rash.

The severity of a bed bug rash depends on how much anti-coagulant the insect injected into the person. For most people, the associated itching, swelling and burning sensation is a major source of discomfort and frustration.

If a person experiences nightly attacks from bed bugs, this may cause the rash to become worse. For children with eczema and those who are sensitive to insect bites, the effects can be more severe than usual.


Avoid scratching the affected area so the rash cannot develop into a major skin infection. If this occurs, get a medical professional to assess and treat the rash.

Other useful home remedies and over-the-counter solutions include calamine lotion, applying hydro-cortisone cream to the affected area, ice packs, and a course of antibiotics as recommended by your doctor.

Seek advice from a medical professional if the bed bug rash gets worse or doesn’t disappear after a few days.


Bed bugs are a nasty problem and preventative treatment is the key to avoiding an irritating rash.

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No need to evacuate the premise or throw away your expensive bedding and pillows. Just long-term relief from bed bugs backed by the Critter Busters warranty for peace of mind.

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