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Bed Bug in Hair

This article discusses bed bug in human hair. The question is - can bed bug get into human hair. Yes, it can.

Bed Bug in Hair

No one likes the idea of having creepy crawlies in their bed with them, and even fewer people like the idea of them getting into their hair.

Can Bed Bugs Get In Your Hair?

Seeing or having bed bugs in your hair is something many of us fear. However, getting straight into the answer, yes, they can get into your hair. Nothing is stopping them from climbing out of the nooks of your bed and climbing into your hair. However, on the good side, they do not like human hair or skin.

Bed bugs are gross, there is no denying that.   Having them in your bed where you sleep is bad enough, but when they are on your body and especially in your hair, that is the final straw!

It should however be noted that bed bugs actually don't prefer to be on your body at all, especially in your hair, where it's difficult to navigate.  Bed bugs prefer to be in dark, difficult to reach areas of your home, and bedroom, where they can hide. 

How To Get Rid Of Bed Bugs From Your Hair

Here are the ways of getting rid of bed bugs in the hair:

Essential Oils

Applying some ssential oils that bed bugs do not like, to your regular shampoo, will deter them from staying on your hair. Some of the options include:
Cedar Wood.


Shampoo should suffice to remove bed bugs and their eggs. They have different anatomy when compared to ticks and lice. Ticks can grip onto your hair follicles and scalp using claw-like legs. However, bed bugs do not have them, so they can not stay in your hair for long.


Using a fine-toothed comb should rid your hair of the remaining bed bugs and the eggs.

Get Rid of Bed Bugs in your Home 

If you have signs of bed bugs in your hair, or have actual bed bugs in your hair, both are signifiant signs that you have a fairly serious bed bugs infestation in your home.

While you can wash and wash your hair, as long as you are being visited nightly, and bitten by bed bugs, your problem will not go away.

To get rid of bed bugs from your hair, you must first get rid of bed bugs from your home, and then put preventative measures in place to both monitor your home and to keep from reintroducing them.

Final Thoughts on Bed Bug in Hair 

Find the source of the bed bugs. Beds, bedding, sofas and clothing are the most common places to find the bugs.

Strip the linen and wash with disinfectant and laundry soap. Disinfectants for bugs can be purchased from most grocery stores. Hang the linens in the sun to dry. Bed bugs do not like the light so they will either die or find another place if they managed to survive past the washing and disinfectant stage.


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