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How to Remove Bed Bug Blood Stains from Wood

Bed bug are tiny insects found at home, they feed on human blood to complete each cycle of their developments. They live in mattresses, beds, beddings, bed covers, walls, carpets, fabrics, wood and more. You will learn how to remove bed bug blood stains from wood in the easiest way.

How to Remove Bed Bug Blood Stains from Wood
Image by Frank Winkler from Pixabay

Looking for the best bed bugs are known to live in almost any concealed places at home, they are also very stubborn that eradicating them at home becomes a problem. Bed bugs do live in woods and they can cause blood stains and fecal stains on woods.

Can Bed Bugs Live inside Wood Furniture?

Bed bugs can live inside wood furniture. A wooden chair, shelf, bed is a great place for them to live in, although they can’t make holes inside the wood, however, if they fine hole spaces, they can easily get in and live there.

There is little focus on wood as far as bed bugs are concerned. They don’t really stay there, this because you don’t sleep on woods, they are after human blood to feed on; that is why they are mostly found on beds, mattresses, beddings, bed covers and pillows.

Due to the structure of their body, they can fit into any kind of hole. They don’t need a wide hole to fit in their body.

Do Bed Bugs Love Wood?

Bed bugs don’t really like woods, they only live inside woods sometimes when they are out of option – trust me, they easily move out of there in search of human blood to feed on.

Humans hardly sleep on wood, hence, this is not too good bed bugs. Most times, they stay inside wood to hide there.

Removing Bed Bug Blood Stains from Wood

Ensuring you remove bed bug stains from home is a good hygienic practice. Also, you should try as much as you can to get rid of bed bugs at home.

Here is how you can get rid of bed bug blood stains and poop stains at home.

Items needed for Removing Bed Bug Blood Stains

A rag or washcloth
Enzyme cleaner
Paper towels
Absorbent (any of baking soda, salt, kitty litter or sawdust)
Soft bristle brush or toothbrush or nail brush

Instructions on Removing Bed Bug Blood Stains

Cleaning bed bug blood stains from wood just go easier. Follow these methods:

Method 1

Pour a handful of enzyme cleaner on the affected area of the wood (follow the steps written on the label of the enzyme cleaner.
Scrub with the rag or washcloth.
If there is still any stain left, repeat the above two steps.

Method 2

Place some paper towels on the wood.
Soak the paper towels by pouring some hydrogen peroxide on them.
Remove the paper towels; but, don’t wipe off the hydrogen peroxide.
Cover the affected area with any of the absorbents (any of baking soda, salt, kitty litter or sawdust).
Leave the absorbent for around 6 hours before cleaning it up.

Final Thoughts on Removing Bed Bug Blood Stains and Poop Stains from Wood

Bed bugs can be found inside woods, but not as much as you will find them on beds, mattresses, beddings, couches, chairs or pillows. They live inside wood crack; so, check out cracks in your chair, tables, bed, wooden floor and more.

Having blood stains around your house is not good and they are as well not hygienic. With the methods discussed here, you will easily be able to remove bed bug blood stains from wood.

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