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Places to Visit in Nigeria: The 10 Ultimate List

Located in the Western part of Africa, Nigeria is one of the largest countries by land mass in the continent, and it is the most populated country in Africa. Not only that, Nigeria is the most populated black country in the world. This article explores the best places to visit in Nigeria.

Places to Visit in Nigeria: The 10 Ultimate List

Nigeria has many beautiful cities with attractions sites to visit. These places have made the country an attraction for tourists from all around the world.

Tourists go on vacation to change their environment and escape the regular bustles and daily schedules they are used to. For many couples and families, vacation is just what they need to reignite that fading bond. Many go on vacation to experience the fun and beauty of nature.

Aside from this, kids in their early years will learn about other environments, other people and they will inculcate the habit of mutual respect.

Families and friends go on vacation to spend quality time with each other. You should not miss out on vacations in Nigeria.

It is for these reason that we present you the 10 best places to visit in Nigeria.

10 Best Site Attractions to Visit in Nigeria

Yankari Game Reserve(BAUCHI)

Yankari Game Reserve is located in Bauchi State of Nigeria. At Yankari Game Reserve, you will be enthralled by the wonderful and beautiful natures to be seen.

It is the biggest wildlife resort centre in Nigeria where you explore tropical forests and encounter herds of elephant, baboons, hippopotamus and many more.

Yankari Game Reserve has the Wikki River which is seen as a natural swimming pool. You will also find indoor and outdoor sports facilities coupled with exotic accommodation.

Obudu Mountain Resort (OBUDU)

Obudu Mountain Resort is located in the borders of Cross River State. Obudu Mountain Resort is previously known as Obudu Cattlle Ranch – it is one of the wonderful and awesome sites of attraction in Nigeria.

The attractive landscape, lovely skyline, serene ambience and bright features have made it one of the major tourist centre in Nigeria.

At Obudu Resort, you are presented with several amenities such as horseback riding, swimming pool, golf course, bonfires at nighttime, Water Park among others.

Their exotic rooms also make Obudu Mountain Resort a place to be; as they offer standard rooms, deluxe rooms, executive rooms, chalets, huts as well as presidential suites.

New Afrika Shrine/Fela Shrine (LAGOS) 

The New Afrika Shrine is one of the best places to visit in Nigeria; as you get the entertainment to make your vacation a very memorable one.

Also known as the Fela Shrine, it is a place where you get the ‘vibration’ and ‘gyration’ your vacation tends to offer; ranging from the Afro fusion music genre to inspirational songs as well as folklore and story-telling songs.

The New Afrika Shrine also has in it the photo gallery of the legendary Fela Kuti as well as the live show performances by Femi Kuti, Seun Kuti and many top artistes.

Nike Art Gallery (LAGOS)

The Nike Art Gallery is a white five-storey building, with sparkling snow white color. The outer wall (fence) surrounding this building is beautified with exotic marbles which enhances the beauty of this place.

The interior walls of the Nike Art Gallery are crested with beautiful and artistic drawings, paintings and inscriptions that give you a lovely feeling.

Lekki Conservation Centre (LAGOS)

This is a wildlife resort centre situated in Lekki, Lagos State. It is a great spot for lovers of nature and it is regarded as one of the best places to visit in Nigeria.

It covers a massive 78 hectares of land and known as a hub for nature conservation. The Lekki Conservation Centre is definitely a tourist attraction site that is worth visiting.

Olumo Rock (ABEOKUTA)

Olumo Rock is a massive and gigantic mountain located in the ancient city of Abeokuta in Ogun State.

It is a historical rock that the city itself derives its name from. In the 19th century, the rock stands as fortress for the Egba people and it has so many mystical attractions.

Mystical attractions such as unusual trees, broken pathways, natural tunnels, gardens on Olumo Rock, natural cantilevers make it a place you should visit in Nigeria.

Agodi Gardens (IBADAN)

Agodi Gradens is a park located in the ancient city of Ibadan in Oyo State, and it is one of the top tourist attractions in Nigeria.

This garden sits on an enormous 150 acres of land and it is the right spot for you and your family or friends. Agodi Gardens boasts of beautiful and serene environment that relaxes your mind after months of hard work.

The animal enclosure, garden paths and water parks will give you that sense of vacation you crave.

Eleko Beach (LAGOS)

The Eleko Beach is a family and friend hangout beach that gives you some sort of privacy and quietness which also offers you an environment for reflection.

The beach has huts that give you the Carribean experience right here in Africa. You are open to private beach features in a less-rowdy environment.

If you are looking to visit Nigeria, Eleko Beach is definitely a place to.

Osun Sacred Grove (OSOGBO)

Osun Sacred Grove 9forest) is located in Osogbo, the capital city of the State of Osun.

This attraction site is classified as one of world’s heritage sites by UNESCO, thereby attracting tourists in large number on annual basis.

The Osun Sacred Grove sits on about 75 hectares of land and it is believed to be the home of the Osun goddess of fertility. The forest has over 400 different kinds of plants that are used for treating all kind of medical ailments.

Idanre Hills (IDANRE)

The Idanre Hills are located in Idanre, an ancient town in Ondo State. The ancient town is surrounded by these hills. You will marvel at these natural sights, as nature gave this place an arrangement that proclaims extraordinary beauty.

For you to get to the top of the hill, you will need to climb a total of 460 steps which have 5 relaxations spots on the way. The Idanre Hills have a river at the top, while also giving you the opportunity of seeing green nature. When you are the top of this hill, you will be given a great view of the ancient town.

List of the 10 Best Places to Visit in Nigeria

  1. Yankari Game Reserve(BAUCHI)
  2. Obudu Mountain Resort (OBUDU)
  3. New Afrika Shrine/Fela Shrine (LAGOS) 
  4. Nike Art Gallery (LAGOS)
  5. Lekki Conservation Centre (LAGOS)
  6. Olumo Rock (ABEOKUTA)
  7. Agodi Park (IBADAN)
  8. Eleko Beach (LAGOS)
  9. Osun Sacred Grove (OSOGBO)
  10. Idanre Hills (IDANRE)

Final Thoughts on the Best Places to Visit in Nigeria

Nigeria has so many beautiful places you can visit for vacation and relaxation. These places will definitely give you the opportunity of seeing the beauty of nature as well as the chance of relaxation and fun.

Let’s hear your view on our list of 10 best places to visit in Nigeria.

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