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Does Tea Stain your Teeth?

We all love shiny white teeth, who doesn’t? However, what we drink and eat is one of the major causes of changes to the teeth. Have you noticed this lately, and you want to know if tea can stain the teeth.
Tea, via Pixabay

Many of us thing about this sometimes; does tea stain your teeth? Well, let’s go one.

It is a known fact that coffee causes stains to the teeth, but what about tea? Can tea change that beautiful and lovely white color of your teeth?

Of course, tea can change the color of your teeth. It has been suggested that teat has the possibility of staining the teeth than coffee, as it has higher concentration of tannin.

Tea, however, does not cause most stains on teeth. There are many other causes of teeth stains.

Should You Give Up Tea Due to Teeth Stains?

Of course not, you don’t have to give up drinking tea because of the stains it might cause to your teeth.

All you need to do is to take proper care of your teeth. How do you go about this?

How to Remove Tea Stains in Teeth

Curious to know about how to remove teeth stains caused by tea, we shall walk you through the steps to take in getting rid of these stains caused by tea. Remember, you don’t have to stop taking tea or coffee.

Here are what to do to get rid of stains in teeth caused by tea:

  • RINSE YOUR MOUTH: Immediately after taking the tea or coffee, you should endeavor to rinse your mouth with a clean water
  • BRUSH YOUR TEETH: You might have heard this before; brushing your teeth after meals is very hygienic. Try and brush your teeth after taking tea or coffee to remove stains caused by tea.
  • DRINK TEA WITH A STRAW: Drinking tea with a straw helps you bypass contact with teeth (at least to some extent)
  • TALK TO A DENTIST: A dentist know better when it comes to this subject matter. Talk to a dentist concerning your teeth in relations with stains caused by tea; or any matter related to teeth

Final Thoughts on Stains on Teeth Caused by Tea

Remember, tea can cause stains on the teeth, but it is not the only cause or worst cause of teeth stains. To answer your question – does tea stain your teeth? Yes, tea stains the teeth.

You can get rid of tea stains on the teeth by rinsing your mouth immediately after drinking tea, brushing your teeth or drinking your tea with a straw.

The dentist is the best person to advise you on matters related to the teeth. Talk to a dentist.

NOTE: This article is only for information about general oral health topic. It is not in any way meant to replace a professional advice, treatment or diagnosis. Always seek the advice of a healthcare professional or healthcare provider on health matters.




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