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Does Bleach Kills Mold

This page comprehensively discusses if mold can be killed with bleach. There are two types of bleaches; and they are chlorine bleach and oxygen bleach – the two types can be used in killing mild.

Does Bleach Kill Mold

To answer your question: ‘does bleach kill mold?’ we will walk you through two steps: killing mold with chlorine bleach and killing mold with oxygen bleach.

Killing Mold with Chlorine Bleach

One of the most popular items used in killing mold is chlorine bleach. Chlorine has sodium hypochlorite as its active ingredient as well as water. Don’t be deceived, most mold-killing products that are being sold are made with bleach’s active agents.

With chlorine bleach, you have a cheaper alternative that you can easily afford and get. You might not necessarily search for ‘chlorine bleach’, any laundry bleach will help kill mold.

Bleach does not only kill viruses and bacteria, it also serves sanitary purposes. Be rest assured that you can easily kill a mold if it comes with a chlorine bleach. It does not stop there; bleach also neutralizes allergens and spores from molds.

You can out rightly kill molds using bleach on almost any surface, such as tiles, countertops, glass, bathtubs etc.

Molds growing on drywall and wood cannot be killed totally with chlorine bleach, this is because bleach cannot penetrate non-porous surfaces and can only work on hard or porous surface.


How to Kill Mold with Chlorine Bleach

  • Allow ventilation before starting, by opening doors and windows to the room
  • It is advisable you wear protective gloves, and if possible, use eye protections. Bleach can cause damage to the skin
  • Mix a cup of bleach with one gallon of water
  • Use a spray, spray bottle, cloth or sponge to apply bleach on the surface with mold

Is It Good to Kill Mold with Bleach?

  1. Bleach is a chemical that can be used in killing mold, it is however not recommended to be used by the United States Environmental Protection Agency (EPA).
  2. It is advisable to go natural when one wants to kill mold, so you should opt for natural products like vinegar and borax – these agents can kill mold.
  3. The more bleach stays in the store or at home, the more it loses its potency, and if not used after 4-6 months, after production, it begins to lose its power.
  4. It should not be noted that bleach is corrosive and destroys substances and materials. Not just that, it can also damage the skin.
  5. Bleach is not capable of killing mold on carpet, upholstery, dirty substance, porous substance and metallic substance.

Killing Mold with Oxygen Bleach

A better alternative to chlorine bleach is oxygen bleach. This type of bleach is capable of killing mold as well as cleaning mold on surfaces.

It doesn’t stop there; oxygen bleach also kills bacteria and removes stains from surfaces. It also works as deodorant, disinfectant and sanitizer.

It comes as a powder which you will mix with water after dissolving; you can apply it on mold covered surfaces. Oxygen bleach is not toxic like chlorine bleach and they don’t cause toxicity to environment.

How to Use Oxygen Bleach

  • Follow the instructions on the pack
  • Alternatively, add oxygen bleach to warm or hot water
  • Use between half of a cup to one cup for a gallon of water
  • Pour the mixture in a squirt bottle or a spray bottle to make use of it. Alternatively, you can use a bucket for the mixture and apply on mold surface with a sponge or a brush or a washcloth
  • Leave on the surface for about 20 minutes
  • Thoroughly wash the affected area with clean water.


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