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Can I wear laced shoes on Native Wears (Ankara and Aso Ebi)

It is no news that native wears are common among men. This should not come as a surprise, this is due to the simplicity this kind of outfit has to offer, coupled with the fact that native wears are capable of serving you for different occasions.

Can I wear laced shoes on Native Wears (Ankara and Aso Ebi)

With native wears such as Ankara and Aso Ebi topping trends among male folks in Nigeria and other African countries, as well as among Africans in Diaspora; different accessories are now used with it, diverting from the traditional way.

This ranges from the length of the trouser to its circumference; from wearing socks on nativears to carrying bags with it; from leather wristwatches to metallic ones; from wearing traditional caps to wearing face cap and other secular caps; and also, wearing all sorts of footwear on it. with laced shoes being our focus in this article.

What type of shoes should I wear on Native Wears?

Coming from the background of these attires, the type of shoes to be worn on native wears are covered shoes without laces, such as loafers. Wearing sandals, I mean leather sandals are pardonable. But, what about laced shoes? Can we wear them on native attires?

Many fashion experts and bloggers have suggested staying away from shoes with lace on native wears. It is believed that shoes without laces do help in showing the elegance and beauty of the attire.

It is suggested by these experts and bloggers go well with loafers, boat shoes, moccasins and sandals; leather slippers on casual occasions.

My take on wearing shoes with lace on native wears

As a matter of fact, some people do take things to the extreme, especially some of our celebrities; and many of their fans look up to them when it comes to fashion. What these fans do not know is that many celebrities in Nigeria don’t have a wardrobe manager, they only wear what they feel like wearing – which might be so odd sometimes. They are celeb, so it is cool – WRONG!

With the look of things these days, laced shoes are gradually taking their place with native wears. And many people are not seeing it as odd or wrong; in fact, many are praised, especially if it is a nice leather shoe like compact oxford shoes.

I don’t see anything bad or odd with wearing a leather shoe with lace on native attires. In as much as the laces are properly tucked and you are comfortable wearing them.

The problem however, comes when you wear a running shoe, such as canvas, trainers on native wears. It’s inappropriate and looks ugly in the eye – it doesn’t look good. You shouldn’t wear such, and you should desist if you’ve been doing it before.

Remember, one of fashion’s rule of thumb is moderation.

Highlight of wearing laced shoes on native wears

The best types of footwear for native attire are: loafers; others include moccasins, boat shoes and sandals.

  • Leather shoes with lace are now on trend – shouldn’t be totally ruled out.
  • Don’t ever wear canvas, sneakers, trainers or any running shoe on native outfits – it’s odd. Don’t mind your MCM celebrity. 

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