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Prom Hairstyles for Short Hair

Here comes one of the most anticipated occasions in high school – PROM. Many high school students are already waiting for this. If you are the type with short hair, here are the best Prom hairstyles for short hair for you. Image Source You are looking forward to a perfect evening and an evening that will stick for a long in the memory. It is therefore important you choose the best short hair for prom night. Picking a Prom Short Hairstyle Selecting the best short hairstyle for prom could be a little bit tricky due to the many options that available to pick from. Just picking an exact hair is cool; however, you should consider two factors. The thickness of your hair The thickness of your hair is important when picking a particular hairstyle . You should pick a hairstyle that goes well with the thickness of your hair. This will help in the looks and compatibility. The length of your hair Another important factor to consider when choosing a hairstyle is your hair leng

Prom Hair Ideas for Short Hair

You are on the right post if you are looking for the most beautiful prom hair ideas for short hair. Here, you will find the prettiest short hairstyles you can make for prom and look great. Image source We all know how prom is important for high school students; a special night as far as high school is concerned. And for this reason, many people want to look good. Well, looking beautiful for prom is necessary. We present you some exceptional short hairstyles you can make for prom . Are you hoping to stand out from the crowd? Well, short hairstyles will definitely help you with that and you will rock the night like a queen. Show other high schoolers how beautiful and fashionable you are with your beautiful prom dress, lovely prom shoes, alluring prom makeup coupled with any of these mind-blowing prom hair ideas for short hair. Giving your hair different styles is not only possible for long, as having a short hair also come with great diverse opportunities of giving your ha

How to Shrink Polyester

Polyester does not really shrink the way other clothes. For instance, cotton is a fabric that easily shrinks. Although polyester might not shrink like other clothing materials, that does not mean you cannot shrink it. This article will serve as a guide for you on how to shrink polyester. Image: Pixabay If you intend buying a cloth, it is important you check out the label and see what kind of material it is made of or see the instructions on it. if you are looking for a cloth that can easily shrink, cotton is the best fit for you. Sometimes, we do find ourselves in a situation whereby we can’t let go of a particular cloths despite the fact that they are a little bigger than us – we just can’t afford to miss out them. This article will comprehensively walk you through ways of shrinking polyester without damaging it. Also Read:   How to Take Link out of a Watch Band without Link Removal Tool What is Polyester?  Polyester is an artificially made synthetic fiber; they are hydrophobic poly

Spectranet Login: How to Login to Spectranet

This article covers how to login to Spectranet Nigeria and do whatever you want to do. Follow us on this guide and learn what to do for Spectranet login. What is Spectranet? Spectranet is a leading internet service provider in Nigeria, they are well known for the wonderful internet subscription package which many consider to be affordable and flexible. Spectranet is the first internet service provider to launch 4G LTE in Nigeria. The internet network provider aims to be the leading broadband company in Nigeria. Spectranet Login: How to Login to Spectranet Spectranet has a self-care portal where customers can login and access various things such as subscription data usage, personal information, data balance, subscription renewal, among others. In irder to use Spectranet login or to access Spectranet self-care portal, you need to do the following: Visit Enter your login details i.e. your user ID and password Press enter or click s

Jodi Arias Bikini Photos and Sexy Pictures

Searching for Jodi Arias bikini photos? Well, we’ve got some of her pictures. But not ‘so-bikini’. I believe many still remember the boyfriend killer who was sentenced to life without parole – it got a lot of attention back then. Image from: Jodi Arias Photography The truth is, many of us are still curious of why people are so curious about Jodi Arias bikini pictures. Read: Jodi Arias Now Jodi Arias Bikini Information - FACT FILE/BIO/WIKI Here is a fact sheet about Jodi Arias: Full Name: Jodi Ann Arias Sex: Female Date of Birth: July 9, 1980 Age: 39 (as of Jan 2020) Crime Committed: First-degree murder Criminal Status: Incarcerated Motive behind Crime: Jealousy Crime Penalty: Life imprisonment without parole Victim: Travis Victor Alexander Weapon Used: Knife, gun Date: June 4, 2008 Date Arrested: July 15, 2008 Jodi Ann Arias and Travis Victor Alexander Relationship Jodi Arias and Travis Alexander started dating in February 2007; they however met in September

Richest Musicians in Nigeria this Year 2020

If you are looking for the richest musician in Nigeria for this year, you will definitely get answer to your curiosity. This article comprehensively discusses Nigeria’s richest musicians. Musicians from Nigeria are one of the richest in Africa, and their fame not just limited to the shores of Africa. Many artistes from Nigeria are flourishing in the international scene. Many fans of these singers want to know their net worth, and sometimes, it has turned to hot debates on who the richest musician in Nigeria is. These net worth are estimates, based on several factors that include their investments, cumulative wealth, endorsements, sales of songs, shows, concerts, royalty payouts among others. Let’s take a look at the richest musician in Nigeria for 2020. Wizkid – Net Worth of around 20 Billion Naira Wizkid, born Ayodeji Ibrahim Balogun is one of the richest musicians in Nigeria. He gained fame in 2010 following the release of his singles ‘Holla at Your Boi’ and ‘Gidi Girl’

Troy Aikman's Wife: Capa Aikman

Looking to know more about Troy Aikman’s wife? We’ve got you covered on this. Troy Aikman and his wife Capa Aikman got married in September 2017 and are ‘crazily’ in love. Troy Aikman was previously married to Rhonda Worthey and the couple part ways in 2011. Troy lived a single life until he and Capa Mooty started dating in 2016. And in 2017, the two got married. They both have children in their previous marriages, with Troy Aikman having two daughters and Capa Mooty Aikman having two sons. They all live together now. Catherine ‘Capa’ Mooty Aikman’s BIO/WIKI/FACT FILE Name: born Catherine Cecil Person Other Names: Capa Aikman, Catherine Aikman, Catherine Mooty Gender: Female Date of Birth: October 13, 1970 Age: 49 years old (as of February 2020) Spouse: Troy Aikman (married 2017), Jerry Mooty (divorced 2013) Children: Luke Mooty and Val Mooty Nationality: American Hometown: Dallas, Texas Career: Entrepreneur and Fashion Icon Capa Aikman and Troy Aikman’s Marr

How to Take Link out of a Watch Band without Link Removal Tool

This article is a tutorial on how to take links out of a watch without a link removal tool, and without making a mess of it or causing you a bit of stress. Image Source: StockSnap In removing a link or more from your watch, all you need for this task is a small screwdriver. So, you don’t necessarily need a link removal tool to do the job. You will also need to work in an area that has bright lights. Steps in Removing Links from a Watch Band Without a Removal Tool In subsequent paragraphs, you will be walked through some steps in removing links from your watch without having a link-removal tool at hand. These steps will not take up to 20 minutes if the tutorial is followed correctly. While working, choose a surface that won’t cause damage on your watch . If you are using a hard surface, then it is necessary you lay down a towel or soft rage on the surface. Let’s look at how to remove links from a watch without having removal pins. As stated earlier, the household item that will be used

Miranda Cosgrove Net Worth

As a child actress, Miranda Cosgrove was one of the highest paid. She came to limelight at a very young age with her casting in Nickelodeon’s series. If you are looking forward to know about Miranda Cosgrove’s net worth, right here is the article. How much does Miranda Cosgrove Worth? Miranda Cosgrove has a net worth of $8 million Miranda Cosgrove’s Source of Wealth She is famous for being an actress, and she has been acting since she was a little girl. She has featured in many TV series, movies, video games, music videos and more. Miranda Cosgrove makes her money from all of these. Aside those, she also makes money from her musical gigs, such as music singles, promotional singles, EP (extended play), studio albums as well as her musical tours and concerts. Who is Corde Brodaus? Who is Julian Corde Broades? How much is Miranda Cosgrove’s Salary? Her last deal with Nickelodeon for the iCarly TV show runs at $180,000 per episode. Highlight of Miranda Cosgrove’s

Does Bleach Kills Mold

This page comprehensively discusses if mold can be killed with bleach. There are two types of bleaches; and they are chlorine bleach and oxygen bleach – the two types can be used in killing mild. Pixabay To answer your question: ‘does bleach kill mold?’ we will walk you through two steps: killing mold with chlorine bleach and killing mold with oxygen bleach. Killing Mold with Chlorine Bleach One of the most popular items used in killing mold is chlorine bleach. Chlorine has sodium hypochlorite as its active ingredient as well as water. Don’t be deceived, most mold-killing products that are being sold are made with bleach’s active agents. With chlorine bleach, you have a cheaper alternative that you can easily afford and get. You might not necessarily search for ‘chlorine bleach’, any laundry bleach will help kill mold. Bleach does not only kill viruses and bacteria, it also serves sanitary purposes. Be rest assured that you can easily kill a mold if it comes with a chlorine bleach .

How to Get Blood Out of Sheets

It doesn’t look funny when you discover blood stains on your sheets or mattress, this blood might come from periods, nose bleeds, minor cuts, deep wounds and more. It’s not something that is uncommon – it happens. Pinterest Getting the blood stains out of the sheets however is what is important, if your bed sheets are white, then it doesn’t get any easier, however, we have some ‘sheet-saving’ tips on how to get blood out of sheets; this are done using common household materials. Getting Blood Stains Out of Sheets Blood stains on bed sheets or bed spreads are more prevalent among women; this is due to their monthly period flow which runs for some days. While some might use pads, sometimes, the blood flow might seep out and stain bed sheets; this often occurs when a lady has heavy menstrual flow. Blood stains on sheets can also come in other ways, such as when one is having nosebleed; some blood stains are caused by wounds, little cuts on the body. This article will help you with gettin

How to Unlock a Door without a Key

Many of us have been in situations whereby we will need to unlock a door without a key. Perhaps, you accidentally locked the door without taking the key. It might not even be you; it might be your child, spouse, sibling or friends. Image from Pixabay Unlocking a Door without a Key There is nothing as annoying as that. Sometimes, the door in question might be a door to a particular room you needed to pick something urgently – quite annoying. Isn’t it? In this article, we’ve got your back on how you can open a door without having a key at hand. Here, we have researched and gather tips on how to unlock a door without key. Unlock a Door with a Straight and Stiff Tool You can unlock your door without a key with a straight and stiff tool. Some doors are not that made to be security tight. Some of these doors do have a small button inside a small hole on the knob face. If you can get any straight and stiff tool like a screw driver to push the button, you can unlock the door with this techn

How to get Nail Polish out of Carpet

This article comprehensively discusses and covers how to get nail out of polish. Ladies love painting their nails with nail polish, and sometimes, due to one mistake or another, the nail polish might spill on the carpet, this doesn’t sound too good or look nice, as it will leave a stain on the carpet. Image from: Pixabay If you have experienced this or experiencing it at the moment, you don’t have to panic, as you will be given tips on how to remove polish from your carpet. Here are the different tips you can follow to remove nail polish stains from your carpet. Tips on How to Get Nail Polish Out of Carpet We present you the best tips for removing nail polish from your carpet. Blot Away Excess Spillage – First Thing to do Immediately you notice the nail polish has spilled on the carpet, you don’t have to panic. The first line of action should be blotting away excess nail polish on the carpet. You can do this with a paper towel. Ensure you don’t spread it everywhere. In case the polish

How to Get Gum out of Clothes

Suddenly found bubble gum or chewing gum on your clothes, or your kid’s cloth and you’re wondering how to get it off? We’ve got you covered on that – worry no more. Image: Pixabay There are so many tips and tricks on the internet on removing gum from clothing , the ones we will discuss here however are tested tips and tricks that will work like magic and actually remove bubble gums and chewing gums from your clothe. Removing Gum from Clothing Before trying any of the tricks to be discussed, it is important you handpick as much gum as you can. Also, don’t attempt using any chemical related to hairspray; as this might give your cloth permanent stain and might fade or damage the fabric. Get Gum out of Clothes – Method 1 This method is perfect for clothing that is not too thick e.g. nylon, cotton, yoga pants, leggings etc. Here are the items needed: A plastic bag A toothbrush  Ice cube or freezer Here are the things to do: Remove as much gum as you can from the clothes using your hand Wrap