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Rhett and Link Wives: Jessie Lane and Christy White

This article talks about famous comedians Rhett and Links wives. Rhett and Link are famous American comedy duo. Real names are Rhett McLaughlin and Link Neal; they styled and call themselves ‘Intertainers’, (meaning Internet + Entertainers).

The duo is popular for their media creations like ‘Good Mythical Morning’, ‘Rhett & Link: Commercial Kings’ and their YouTube premium series: ‘Rhett and Link’s Buddy System’.

Rhett and Link Wives: Jessie Lane and Christy White

Rhett’s and Link’s Wives

Link got married to his sweetheart, Christy White in 2000 and they have 3 children (Lillian,  Lincoln and Landon).

Rhett got married to his sweetheart, Jessie Lane in 2001, and they have 2 kids (Shepherd and Locke).

Rhett and Link together with their family live in Los Angeles.

Who are Rhett and Link: Rhett and Link Bio/Wiki/Fact File

Rhett (Rhett James McLaughlin) and Link (Charles Lincoln Neal III) are popular American comedy duo known for their videos on YouTube and across social media. Rhett was born October 11th , 1977, while Link was born June 1st, 1978.

The two met in September 1984 when they started elementary school at Buries Creek, North Carolina. The story of how they met there inspired them to sing a song as well as write a documentary ‘Looking for Ms. Locklear.’ That was the beginning of Rhett and Link story.

The duo wrote a screenplay ‘Gutless’ at age fourteen; although some scenes of the film were shot, they however never finished filming it.

Rhett and Link went to the same college, North Carolina University where Link studied Industrial Engineering, while Rhett studied Civil Engineering. They both graduated in 2000.

Rhett and Link YouTube Career

  • They both quit their jobs as engineers to start a YouTube channel.
  • They were named No. 22 on Business Insider’s Top 25 Most Creative People in Advertising List in 2009.
  • In 2014, Rhett and Link YouTube channel ranked No. 35 on New Media Rockstars Top 100 Channels.
  • As of June 2019, their YouTube channel ‘Good Mythical Morning’ has over 15.5 million subscribers and over 5.3 billion views.
  • As of June 2019, their YouTube channel ‘Good Mythical MORE’ has over 15.6 million subscribers and over 750 million views.
Rhett and Link Wives: Jessie Lane and Christy White

Rhett and Link Wives – Concludion

We have been able to answer your question on know if Rhett and Link have wives as well as who their wives are. Rhett’s and Link’s  wives are Jessica Lane and Christy White, respectively.

That is all we know about the Rhett and Links wives. We'll update you when we know more.



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