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Nigerian Navy Ranks

Many Nigerians in their bid to serve their father land have the hope of joining the Nigerian Navy. Many want to know the Nigerian Navy ranks for educational purpose. Whichever one, we cover

Nigerian Navy Ranks

The Nigerian Navy is one of the branches of the Nigerian Armed Forces; it was formed in 1914 with its origin traced back to the days of Nigerian Marine.

The Nigerian Navy is one of the largest in Africa. This article is all about the Nigerian Navy ranks.

Ranks in Nigerian Navy 

The Nigerian Navy is categorized into two and they are the:
  • Commissioned Officers 
  • Enlisted Personnel 

Commissioned Officers 

  • Admiral of the Fleet 
  • Admiral 
  • Vice Admiral 
  • Rear Admiral 
  • Commodore 
  • Captain 
  • Commander 
  • Lieutenant Commander 
  • Lieutenant
  • Sub Lieutenant
  • Midshipman 

Enlisted Personnel 

  • Navy Warrant Officer 
  • Master Warrant Officer 
  • Warrant Officer 
  • Petty Officer 
  • Leading Seaman 
  • Ordinary Seaman 

Nigerian Navy ranks

Conclusion on Ranks of Nigerian Naval Officers

This completes our list of Nigerian Navy ranks. As seen in the article, the Nigerian Navy like other Nigerian Armed Forces are categorized into two i.e. the commissioned officers and the enlisted personnel.

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