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Nigerian Army Salary Structure for this Year

This article gives you information on Nigerian Army salary for this year. The post tends to give you a better picture of the monthly salary structure of the Nigerian army personnel. So, if you are asking ‘how much is the salary of a soldier?’, we got you covered.

Nigerian Army Salary Structure for this Year

The Nigerian Army 

For every country, especially in developing countries, there is always a need for armed force personnel, and in Nigeria, the armed forces comprises of the Nigerian Army, the Nigerian Navy and the Nigerian Air Force.

The Nigerian Armed Forces are generally responsible for defending the country from external aggression, from attacks from groups that are trying to destabilize peace and accord in the country.

The Nigerian Army has the largest men in the Nigerian Armed Forces, as of 2016, Nigerian Army boasts of over 100,000 soldiers, making them of one the largest in Africa.


In Nigeria, the army is tasked with the following responsibilities: 
  • Protecting the country’s interest
  • Ensuring internal and external security 
  • Humanitarian and peacekeeping missions 
  • Base security 

Structure of the Nigerian Army Salary for this Year 

This part of the article outlines the Nigerian army salary for this year. It should be noted that salary of soldiers in the Nigerian Army is determined by their ranks.

Nigerian Army Salary for Non-Commissioned Officers (Enlisted Personnel) 

  • Master Warrant Officer – 90,000 Naira monthly
  • Warrant Officer – 80,000 Naira monthly
  • Staff Sergeant – 68,000 Naira monthly
  • Sergeant – 63,000 Naira monthly
  • Corporal – 58,000 Naira monthly
  • Lance Corporal – 54,000 – 55,000 Naira monthly
  • Private – 48,000 – 49,000 Naira monthly

Nigerian Army Salary for Commissioned Officers 

  • Field Marshal 
  • General – 1,500,000 Naira monthly
  • Lieutenant General – 1,000,000 Naira monthly
  • Major General – 950,000 Naira monthly
  • Brigadier – 750,000 Naira monthly
  • Colonel – 550,000 Naira monthly
  • Lieutenant Colonel - 350,000 Naira monthly
  • Major – 300,000 Naira monthly
  • Captain – 220,000 Naira monthly
  • First Lieutenant – 180,000 Naira monthly
  • Second Lieutenant – 120,000 Naira monthly

With the above information, you now know the salary structure of the Nigerian Army. As you can see, the higher your rank is, the higher your salary. With that, being said, we conclude our article on Nigerian Army salary for this year.

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