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Nigerian Air Force Ranks

This article details Nigerian Air Force ranks. The Nigerian Air Force was founded in 1964 and it is one of the largest in Africa.

Nigerian Air Force Ranks

The history of the Nigerian Air Force dates back to 1958 when the need for an Air Force was first proposed by Nigerian lawmakers.

Ranks in the Nigerian Air Force 

The Nigerian Air Force is categorized into two; they are:

  • The commissioned officers 
  • The enlisted personnel 

The commissioned officers 

  • Marshal of the Air Force 
  • Air Chief Marshal 
  • Air Marshal 
  • Air Vice Marshal 
  • Air Commodore 
  • Group Captain 
  • Wing Commander 
  • Squadron Leader 
  • Flight Lieutenant 
  • Flying Officer 
  • Pilot Officer 

The Enlisted Personnel 

  • Air Warrant Officer 
  • Master Warrant Officer 
  • Warrant Officer 
  • Staff Sergeant 
  • Sergeant 
  • Corporal 
  • Lance Corporal 
  • Aircraftsman 

Nigerian Air Force Ranks


The Nigerian Air Force is one of the three arms of the Nigerian Armed Forces and they are one of the largest in Africa. This post articulates ranks of officers in the Nigerian Air Force.

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