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How old is Joanna Gaines?

This article talks about the lead designer, co-founder and co-owner of Magnolia Hines, Joanna Gaines. Answer is also given to your question - how old is Joanna Gaines?

how old is joanna gaines

Who is Joanna Gaines? 

Joanna Gaines is American favorite home renovation expert, who is married to Chip Gaines, and they both own Magnolia Homes; and famous for HGTV's Fix Upper TV program where she appeared alongside her husband, Chip Gaines.

How old is Joanna Gaines? 

Joanna Stevens Gaines was born April 19, 1978 in Kansas, United States, which makes her 41 years old (as of December 2019). Now that you know how old Joanna Gaines is, let's take a look at her fact file.


Fact File of Joanna Gaines 

Joanna Gaines' date of birth

19th April, 1978

Joanna Gaines' birthplace

Kansas, United States

Joanna Gaines' horoscope 


Joanna Gaines' occupation 

Author, TV presenter and home designer

Joanna Gaines' height 

5 ft 7 inches

Joanna Gaines' nationality 


Joanna Gaines' children 

She has 5 5 children (Ella, Emma, Drake, Duke and Crew)

Joanna Gaines' education 

Joanna Gaines graduated from a high school in Texas. She then attended Baylor University where she got a degree in Communications. Surprised? Well, she didn't study anything related to design while in College.

She initially had plans to pursue a career in the communications field, this, however, changed when she discovered she had passion for design.

joanna gaines' age

Conclusion on Joanna Gaines' age

Joanna Gaines is one of the most popular designers out there, and she is married to Chip Gaines; together, they have five children.

We hope we have been able to answer your question - how old is Joanna Gaines?

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