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Nigerian Air Force Salary Structure for this Year

The article answers questions posed by many people on Nigerian Air Force salary for this year. So many people want to know the salary of Nigerian Air Force before applying to join the force, while others seek to know it for other reasons. This article answers all your questions on salaries of Nigerian Air Force officers. The Nigerian Air Force The Nigerian Air Force is one of the three branches of the Nigerian Armed Forces ; they are in charge of air operation defence and security of Nigeria. The Nigerian Air Force was established in 1964 and today, it has one of the largest numbers of troops in Africa, at around ten thousand personnel. The organization of the Nigerian Air Force is set up in such a way to meet up with global standard as well as meeting up with the defence needs of the country. Salary Structure for the Nigerian Air Force for this Year  The salary of personnel of the Nigerian Air Force is determined by officer’s rank; and in this article, we distingu

Spectranet Modem Prices

Are you one of those many Nigerians looking for Spectranet modem prices? Well, you don’t need to go any further, as we got you covered in this article. This article gives you detailed information on price lists of Spectranet modem. What is Spectranet?  Spectranet is an internet service provider that operates in Nigeria. The company was given operation license in 2009 by the Nigerian Communications Commission (NCC). The internet service provider has gone on to become one of the best in Nigeria since it began operations. They are the first internet service provider to launch 4G LTE internet service in Nigeria. As their vision states, they aim to be Nigeria’s most represented broadband internet and broadband service company. No doubt, they have been trying to live up to that. Types of Spectranet Modems Spectranet Freedom MiFi Spectranet Evo MiFi Spectranet Zoom CPE Spectranet ACE MiFi Spectra Outdoor Modem READ: MTN DATA PLANS IN NIGERIA Prices of Spectran

Nigerian Navy Salary Structure for this Year

This article is an answer to internet users’ search for the salary structure of the Nigerian Navy . With the information gotten from this article, you will definitely get an answer to the question “What is Nigerian Navy salary for this year?” The Nigerian Navy  The Nigerian Navy is a branch of the Nigerian Armed Forces , they are in charge of sea operation as well as water-related defense and security in Nigeria. The command structure of the Nigerian Navy has its headquarters in Abuja, while having three operational commands in Lagos, Calabar as well as Bayelsa. They have training facilities all over Nigeria, however, the training command headquarter of the Nigerian Navy is in Lagos. It is one of the largest and strongest in Africa. Nigerian Navy Ranks  Commissioned Officers  Admiral of the Fleet  Admiral  Vice Admiral  Rear Admiral  Commodore  Captain  Commander  Lieutenant Commander  Lieutenant Sub Lieutenant Midshipman  Enlisted Personnel  Navy W

Nigerian Army Salary Structure for this Year

This article gives you information on Nigerian Army salary for this year. The post tends to give you a better picture of the monthly salary structure of the Nigerian army personnel. So, if you are asking ‘how much is the salary of a soldier?’, we got you covered. The Nigerian Army  For every country, especially in developing countries, there is always a need for armed force personnel, and in Nigeria, the armed forces comprises of the Nigerian Army, the Nigerian Navy and the Nigerian Air Force . The Nigerian Armed Forces are generally responsible for defending the country from external aggression, from attacks from groups that are trying to destabilize peace and accord in the country. The Nigerian Army has the largest men in the Nigerian Armed Forces , as of 2016, Nigerian Army boasts of over 100,000 soldiers, making them of one the largest in Africa. READ: NIGERIAN ARMY RANKS In Nigeria, the army is tasked with the following responsibilities:  Protecting the countr

Hairstyles for Prom for Short Hair

Looking for the best hairstyles for prom for short hair? Welcome to the right thread for you. We present you amazing short hairstyles you can wear to prom and look stunningly beautiful. Prom is one of the most important and most special moment of high school. So, for a high schooler, prom is just so important that everyone want to look their best. Having a good looking hairstyle is important. Source READ: MAKEUP LOOK FOR PROM We bring you some exciting short hairstyles you can make or prom. These short hairstyles for prom will make you stand out from the crowd, while also giving you that admirable look. Be that princess nor queen as you rock your prom dress, prom shoe, your awesome prom makeup, coupled with a beautiful prom short hairstyle.  You just have to look stunningly gorgeous for the night. It is commonly believed that you can only style your hair when you have long hair; well, you should know that having a short is also a real deal. With short hair , you have t

Prom Hair Up Styles

If you are looking for the best prom hair up styles , you are in the right place. We present you different prom hair up styles to spice up your prom night. The prom is one of the greatest moments of high school and a very important one at such. High schoolers always have problem with choosing stuffs during this period especially prom dress, shoes, prom makeup as well as prom hairstyles. Via: Pinterest Choosing a good hairstyle for prom night is very essential as it is a factor that shows your beauty. Having a hair up style or hair updo style is great. In order to ease your stress, this is why we have come up with the best prom hair up styles to make you look gorgeous and stunning. READ: MOST BEAUTIFUL HAIRSTYLES FOR PROM Looking fabulous is important for prom nights and your hairstyle is one of the most central factors in looking great on prom nights. You want to steal the show that night, you want to show that confidence in yourself and have a long lasting impression.

Brendan Schaub’s Wife: Joanna Zanella

Looking forward to knowing about former MMA fighter Brendan Schaub’s wife? We’ve got you covered on that, as we give you a comprehensive detail about Joanna Zanella, the beautiful wife of stand-up comedian and podcast host Brendan Schaub. Joanna Zanella has been a longtime girlfriend of Brendan Scaub , as well as his baby mama. She has stick around long enough, stay all through the phases of Schaub’s career switches. The couple has been together for a very long time that they have two kids for each otter. There are rumors, however, that the two are now married, especially with Joanna Zanella’s social media posts. Who is Joanna Zanella – Brendan Scaub’s Wife? Joanna Zanella was born May 5, 1988 (which makes her 31 years old as of December 2019) in West Hollywood, California. She is the ‘wife’ of former MMA fighter and comedian Brendan Schaub, and the couple has two kids together (Boston and Tiger). Joanna Zanella is originally from Mexico and she is born to Mexican pare

Rhett and Link Wives: Jessie Lane and Christy White

This article talks about famous comedians Rhett and Links wives. Rhett and Link are famous American comedy duo. Real names are Rhett McLaughlin and Link Neal; they styled and call themselves ‘Intertainers’, (meaning Internet + Entertainers). The duo is popular for their media creations like ‘ Good Mythical Morning ’, ‘Rhett & Link: Commercial Kings’ and their YouTube premium series: ‘Rhett and Link’s Buddy System’. Rhett’s and Link’s Wives Link got married to his sweetheart, Christy White in 2000 and they have 3 children (Lillian,  Lincoln and Landon). Rhett got married to his sweetheart, Jessie Lane in 2001, and they have 2 kids (Shepherd and Locke). Rhett and Link together with their family live in Los Angeles. Who are Rhett and Link: Rhett and Link Bio/Wiki/Fact File Rhett (Rhett James McLaughlin) and Link (Charles Lincoln Neal III) are popular American comedy duo known for their videos on YouTube and across social media. Rhett was born October 11th , 197

Roman Reigns Wife – Galina Becker: What You don’t Know About Her

Are you hoping to know more about one of WWE’s best wrestler, Roman Reigns? Well, we’ve got you covered on information about Roman Reigns’ wife, Galina Becker. Galina Becker is the wife of WWE superstar, Roman Reigns , and aside from being the wife of this famous wrestler, she is also popular for being a fitness model. Let us take a quick look at Galina Becker, Roman Reigns’ wife. Who is Galina Becker, Roman Reigns’ Wife? Born Galina Becker, she was born in 1987 in Jacksonville, Florida . She is a fitness model and a former athlete who has participated in several tournaments, such as – outdoor season (14.92 seconds in 100 meter hurdle race) at the Georgia Tech during the 2005-2006 season. Her parents are Kelvin Becker (father) and Mildred Becker (mother). She has two sisters, Molisa Cooper and Udine Becker, all from Jacksonville, Florida. Galina Becker attended Mt. Pleasant High School where she has Steve Nelson as her coach for track and field. She performed excellent

Vanna White’s Net Worth

Are you looking forward to knowing Vanna White ’s net worth as of 2020, well, we present you an article on the monetary worth of the famous Wheel of Fortune star, who has been hosting the show for over 30 years. The Wheel of Fortune show started in 1975 and has been raking in millions of viewers every year from America and beyond. Vanna White co-hosts the show with Pat Sajak . Vanna White’s Net Worth - $50 Million  Net worth - $50 Million  Salary - $10 million  Profession – TV presenter and actress Nationality – American  Partner – John Gibson (ex boyfriend), George Santo Pietro (ex husband) and Michael Kaye (ex boyfriend)  Children – 2 (Nicholas and Giovanna) Who is Vanna White? – Vanna White’s Bio/Wiki/Fact File Vanna White was born 18th February, 1957 in North Myrtle Beach, South Carolina, United States. She is popular for being the hostess of TV show ‘Wheel of Fortune’ for over 30 years. Her parent divorced when she was just a kid and was raised by her mo

Shema Moore’s Wife: The Untold Story

If you are here looking to know more about Shema Moore’s wife , we have the answer you need. You will learn about Shemar Moore’s current, past girlfriends and wife. Let me just let you know from the beginning that Shema Moore is not married and does not have a wife currently (as of January 2020). However, you will learn few things about the actor – especially his reported ‘ex-wife’ and previous relationships. Just stick with us and know more about your favorite TV star and actor, Shema Moore. Shema Moore Bio/Wiki/Fact File You might ask the question: Who is Shema Moore? Shema Moore (born Shemar Franklin Moore) is and American former fashion model and an actor. He rose to prominence with appearances on TV series, ‘ The Young and the Restless ’ between 1994 and 2005, he is also known for his role in the popular ‘ Criminal Minds ’ TV series between 2005 and 2016. Currently, Shema Moore is the lead actor in ' S.W.A.T.' , a popular TV series. In 2000, he won Dayt

Makeup Look for Prom

Prom is almost here again. Looking good is very essential as far as prom is concerned. It is understandable that you are searching the internet for the best makeup look for prom. Looking the best on prom nights is the intention of every high schooler – we all want to stand out from the crowd. Via - Pinterest A good makeup idea will help you stand out among other people that attend prom. That is why we have compiled a great list of prom make up ideas for you. Our makeup look for prom gallery gives you the picture perfect ideas that make you stand out, not just that – they are beautiful , awesome, elegant, and attractive and to top it, they are what you can do at home. You can also hire a makeup artist to help you with these amazing prom makeup ideas. Just ensure you show them these pictures in order for them to know what you want. Go, slay the prom . Don’t bother about the color of your dress, shoe or your hairstyle and hair color. Our prom makeup ideas will definitely