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Spectranet Coverage Areas in Nigeria

Regarded as one of the best internet service provider in Nigeria, Spectranet is really growing its tentacles these days, as it is regarded as one of the fastest growing internet service provider in Nigeria. The article gives you up to date information on Spectranet coverage areas in Nigeria.

Spectranet Coverage Areas in Nigeria

Internet users with huge usage of data are looking away from using the ‘traditional’ mobile networks (MTN, Glo, Airtel, 9Mobile etc); they are now seeking alternatives from internet service providers such as Spectranet, Swift, Smile etc.

Many people in various locations are very interested in using Spectranet, however, the internet service provider does not cover all areas yet, as they only have network in just few cities in Nigeria.

Spectranet Coverage Areas in Nigeria

As of the last time of updating this post, here are the areas that Spectranet covers in Nigeria:
  • Abuja
  • Ibaadan
  • Lagos
  • Port Harcourt
The places Spectranet coves areas are only limited to those cities listed above. We will definitely update this article when Spectranet covers other cities.

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