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Nigerian Army Ranks

The Nigerian Army was founded in 1960; however, its history dates back to 1900, known then as Royal West African Frontier Force (RWAFF).  The Nigerian Army has the largest manpower in the Nigerian Armed Forces. This post articulates the Nigerian Army ranks. Ranks in Nigerian Army In terms of ranks, the Nigerian Army is categorized into two, and they are the: Commissioned officers Enlisted personnel Commissioned Officers The commissioned officers are: Field Marshal General Lieutenant General Major General Brigadier Colonel Lieutenant General Major Captain First Lieutenant Second Lieutenant READ: MOST POWERFUL POLITICIANS IN NIGERIA Enlisted Personnel The enlisted personnel are: Army Warrant Officer Master Warrant Officer Warrant Officer Staff Sergeant Sergeant Corporal Lance Corporal Private Conclusion The Nigerian are categorized into two when it comes to ranks just as seen above, and they commissioned officers and enliste

Spectranet Coverage Areas in Nigeria

Regarded as one of the best internet service provider in Nigeria, Spectranet is really growing its tentacles these days, as it is regarded as one of the fastest growing internet service provider in Nigeria. The article gives you up to date information on Spectranet coverage areas in Nigeria. Internet users with huge usage of data are looking away from using the ‘traditional’ mobile networks ( MTN , Glo, Airtel , 9Mobile etc); they are now seeking alternatives from internet service providers such as Spectranet, Swift, Smile etc. Many people in various locations are very interested in using Spectranet , however, the internet service provider does not cover all areas yet, as they only have network in just few cities in Nigeria. Spectranet Coverage Areas in Nigeria As of the last time of updating this post, here are the areas that Spectranet covers in Nigeria : Abuja Ibaadan Lagos Port Harcourt The places Spectranet coves areas are only limited to those cities listed abov

Most powerful politicians in Nigeria for this year

Politics is a game of power, for you to get to the top though; you need the influence and endorsements of the powerful ones (who are known as godfathers). The search for most powerful politicians in Nigeria on search engines show people are really interested in knowing who the real deal are in Nigeria political arena. It is in lieu of the above that I have taken my time to study the Nigeria ‘POLITICOSPHERE’ in order to bring together ideas to form a rich article on the most powerful politicians in Nigeria. READ: RICHEST POLITICIANS IN NIGERIA The following list does not come in a particular order, as every name that appears in the list are adjudged to be very powerful in the country’s political climate. Most powerful politicians in Nigeria for this year Bola Tinubu (Jagaban) Bola Tinubu is a former governor of Lagos State and currently the national leader of APC is one of the most powerful and most influential politicians in Nigeria. Jagaban, as he is fondly called b

Richest Politicians in Nigeria for this Year

This article tries as much as possible to take a critical look at the richest politicians in Nigeria for this year. In a country known to be one of the most corrupt in the world, it should not come as a surprise that politicians in Nigeria are extremely rich. In fact, majority of politicians in Nigeria went into politics because of wealth acquisition, which they acquire through stealing public funds and the likes. This corrupt nature of politicians in Nigeria does not go unnoticed on the lives and economy of the country; with many citizens of Nigeria living on less than 5 USD daily. This is what has become of the country that used to be great. Unfortunately, thanks to the political robbers that have occupied the political and administrative spaces of our country. Without further dirge, let’s take a look at the list of richest politicians in Nigeria for this year. Kindly note that the ranking is based on the personal research and opinion of the author of this article; and do