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First Bank Transfer Code - First Bank USSD Code

We present you First Bank Transfer Code (Frist Bank USSD Code) which is useful for so many things. This First Bank USSD code can be used for money transfer, check statement of account, recharge your phone, check your account balance, and pay bills as well as opening of account. This code presents you with a quick, convenient as well as secure means of performing bank transactions right from your phone anywhere, anytime. As long as you have a debit card, a phone number with which you get SMS alerts as well as a mobile phone, you are in for this. First Bank Transfer Code Register for First Bank USSD Code Follow these steps to register for first bank USSD Code Dial *8940# (A list of debit card numbers linked to your account will be displayed) Select your preferred debit card Enter your secret 4-digit PIN for the debit card Create a PIN (you will enter a 5-digit pin to use for mobile banking transactions) First Bank USSD Transfer Code Dial: *894*Amount*Account

Airtel Family and Friends Code

Are you one of those looking for Airtel family and friends code? You are on right track as you will definitely get what you are looking for here in this article. Airtel Family and Friends As part of the telecommunication company’s commitment to ensuring that customers get good deals, they introduce the ‘Family and Friends’ package. This package allows Airtel subscribers to pay less while calling the registered numbers. If you are trying to ‘migrate to Airtel Family and friends’ package, then you should at least learn one or more things about the Family and Friends package. Airtel Nigeria tries to subsidies call rate for their subscribers while calling family members as well as friends. This is done to enable their subscribers get closer to their family members. Enjoy discount each and every time you call numbers registered in the family and friends package. How Airtel Family and Friends Service Works With the Airtel Family and Friends package, you are opportune to r

List of Nigerian Customs shortlisted candidates for 2019

List of Nigerian Customs shortlisted candidates Searching for the list of Nigerian Customs shortlisted candidates for 2019? Well, don’t go too far. This is your right stop for the information as regards this. The information here will help you with every step to take and everything to know on getting the list of Nigerian Customs Service shortlisted candidates. You should note that shortlisted candidates will receive an email or text message which will inform them on venue, date and time of screening. The selection criteria are based on four factors, which include: Principle of federal character Academic qualifications Physical fitness Performance at recruitment exercise N/B: Kindly note that the Nigerian Customs Service will never ask you to pay anything to get shortlisted. Only short-listed candidates will be contacted and invited for an Aptitude Test. Aptitude Test notifications will be sent via e-mail and SMS. You should be very careful of fraudsters. Items