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How to Block First Bank ATM Card: The Smartest Way

What we are going to discuss in this article is how to block your First Bank ATM card (debit card as well as First Bank credit card) if it gets stolen or probably you misplaced it.

Block first bank ATM card

It is very important you block your ATM card as this gives you all the assurance you need that your money is not withdrawn by another person other than yourself. Therefore, I will advise you block your ATM debit or credit card immediately you notice it is missing.

Ensuing paragraphs of this article will show what to do as well as the tips you should follow on blocking your First Bank ATM card. Follow me on the steps to follow before you apply for a new ATM credit or debit card.

Things to do to block your First Bank ATM card

Call First Bank Customer Service Phone Number

Immediately you discover the loss or theft of your ATM debit card call:

  • 0700 FIRST CONTACT (0700 34778 2668228)

Contact First Bank on Social Media

You can as well talk to First Bank on social media channels

Contact First Bank via Email and Website

You can as well contact First Bank and tell them to block your ATM card through their email; you can do this by sending them an email.

Block first bank ATM card

Blocking your ATM debit or credit card is not really difficult. With these tips, you don’t really have to go to any bank branch; just do any of the following.

Transfer your funds to another account

It is also important you take another precautionary measure. You should transfer the money in your account to another bank account; as this will put your mind at rest if it is done.

Well, with the above tips, you can easily block your stolen or lost First Bank ATM credit and debit card.

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Let's take a look at the summary of how you can block First Bank ATM Card if stolen or missing.

Block First Bank ATM Card

Here are the things to do to block First Bank ATM Card:
  • Call First Bank customer service number
  • Contact First Bank on social media
  • Contact First Bank via email
  • Visit their Website
  • Transfer funds to other account(s).

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