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Best Private Universities in Nigeria for this Year

Are you looking for the best private universities in Nigeria ? This article gives you an exclusive list of the top ranking private universities in Nigeria. It is a comprehensive list gotten from a reliable source and is updated frequently. Nigeria is a big country, with millions of students across her various academic institutions. The university among other institutions is believed to be the apex of the citadel of learning in Nigeria, hence the rush for admissions into universities in Nigeria. Private Universities in Nigeria Long before the advent of private universities in Nigeria, the country only has universities that are owned by government (federal and state). In 1999 however, Nigeria has its first private university, Igbinedion University, Okada, Edo State. Following the establishment of this first private university, the country started seeing other universities springing up. And as of today, there are over 75 private universities in Nigeria (NUC accredited and non

Most Beautiful Cities in Nigeria: Top 13 List

Undoubtedly, Nigeria has so many beautiful cities totaling above one hundred. The country has 36 states (2019) as well as a Federal Capital Territory, Abuja, with all these states spread across 6 geopolitical zones. It is believed by many that Nigeria has one of the most beautiful cities in the African continent. However, we cannot shy away from the fact that Nigeria is blessed with many beautiful places. The beauty of the country has attracted so many tourists and people from other countries. The country has some beautiful places and landscapes. You will know our top 13 most beautiful places in Nigeria in this article. We have researched this before coming up with this top 13 list, and some of what was considered before coming up with the list includes structural arrangement, buildings, road network, infrastructures and others. Beauty, they say is in the eye of the beholder, undoubtedly, beauty is so subjective. According to David Hume, “Beauty in things exists merely in th

How to Block GTBank ATM Card

Have you misplaced your GTBank ATM card or your Guaranty Trust Bank ATM card was stolen, well, you don’t need to sweat much on how to block it, as this article will teach you how to do this. It is very important you block your GTBank ATM card as this is very necessary as it guarantees you that the money in your account is safe, and can’t be withdrawn by another person. It is important you to do this, and you shouldn’t just do that, you have to do this as soon as you notice the loss of your ATM Card. What this article will do is teaching you the things you need to do to block your GTBank ATM card. Just follow the steps that will be discussed here as soon as possible. Block your GTBank ATM card Call GTBank Customer Service Phone Number Immediately you discover the loss or theft of your ATM card call GTBank on: +234 1 4480 000 Contact GTBank on Social Media You can as well talk to GTBank on social media channels: FaceBook: Twitter

Universities in Nigeria and Rankings 2020

Here is an article that ranks universities in Nigeria using the UniRank reports. UniRank is a renowned organization that ranks universities and other institutions across the globe, using so many criteria in the process. What are the university ranking factors? The ranking factors include the number of publications from the university, their structures and infrastructures, the number of approved courses they offer, the number of professors and lecturers they has, the employment rate of their graduates, how well their students are doing academically among others. The essence of this ranking is for students, researchers as well as the general public to know how well these universities are doing both locally, as well as across the globe. This list encompasses federal, state as well as private universities . Here comes the list. Universities in Nigeria 2019 Ranking University of Ibadan Ibadan University of Nigeria Nsukka … University of Lagos Lagos Ahm

Which University is the Best in Nigeria?

Are you in search of the best universities in Nigeria ? In this post, we bring you the top 20 Nigerian universities without any form of bias or influence. This comprehensive list is ranked by UniRank , using valid, unbiased and non-influenced web metrics provided by independent web intelligence sources rather than data submitted by the Universities themselves. As of today, Nigeria has over 150 approved universities by the National University Commission (NUC). The essence of this approval is to safeguard the education sector from unworthy institutions that will give out fake and undeserving certificates. Which University is the Best in Nigeria? The top 20 universities in Nigeria University of Ibadan , Ibadan University of Nigeria, Nsukka University of Lagos, Lagos Ahmadu Bello University, Zaria Obafemi Awolowo University, Ile-Ife University of Ilorin, Ilorin Covenant University, Ota Landmark University, Omu-Aran University of Benin, Benin City Federal University o