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Tips on Dealing With Someone Who Doesn’t Love You Back

Years ago, I love this girl, will go to the end of the world for her, but she wouldn’t reciprocate, as she only see me as any other guy. So, I was once in that position, and I know exactly how you feel being in such situation. I want you to know from the beginning that it doesn’t worth loosing yourself or your mind over it, as virtually everyone or most people have been or will be in such position at a point in their life.

Like I said earlier, I have been in a similar position before and I know how tough it might be, but the truth is – you can never and will never force anyone to love you. …except you want pretense. Some who doesn’t love you at first might later change willingly to love you, and many will not; but the truth of the matter is that you can never force them to. Just accept the truth – that’s the reality staring right at you in the face, and move on.

One thing however is that forgetting or avoiding a boy or girl who doesn’t love you is not as easy as being said; it is very much difficult than the words of mouth. You need more than that. The tips that will be discussed here will go a long way in helping you overcome this emotional stress and disturbance. 

Be sure of the hints and signs
Back in my days in the university, I have a male friend who loves one of our course mates, but he feels (he divulged to me) the lady doesn’t love her in return.  However, he was wrong, as the girl is only playing some ‘difficult to get’ stunts. You need to be sure of the signs and hints, as you might be wrong about how he or she feels about you.
The following clues will help you know if she doesn’t love you:
·         He or she doesn’t return your calls or texts
·         He or she tells you more than once that she only see you as a friend
·         He or she has told you repeatedly that he doesn’t have feelings for you
·         He or she doesn’t create time for you

Accept the fact of the matter
Having noticed the clues mentioned above, you need to accept the fact that his or her choice is made already, and you cannot force him or her to change that. You have to accept her words, and don’t think you can try to change her mind. He or she has made up their mind, and only he or she can change it.

Avoid contact with them
You have been rejected! Now what? In order for you not to continue languishing in that emotional state, you need to avoid every form of contact with the person. You can’t go on deceiving yourself that you are friends – white lie. He or she is someone you love, someone you are emotionally attached to. You need to move on, and you cannot move on when you still communicate frequently. This might seem harsh, but you really need to cut all ties. It will really help.

Avoid social media contact

If you really want to avoid that boy or girl who doesn’t love you back, you really need to do this. This is an internet age, where almost everything about those close to you pop-up on your mobile phone screen. This therefore, means everything about him or her will always pop-up on your screen. This might foster your interest in the person, but I know you really want to end it. Then, you should consider staying off her social media profiles. Consider doing the following:
·         Unfriend him or her
·         Unfollow him or her
·         Don’t bother searching or checking on him or her

Don’t try to take revenge
You are hurt! Yes. But it’s his or her heart and emotions. They have the right to love whoever they want to love; so you don’t have any reason for vengeance.
I know you have been hurt, and you are going through some sad state, but that should never lead you to seek some form of revenge. That will never make him or her love you, it will only make them dislike you; plus it could land you in a big trouble. Don’t talk badly of them to people, it is very wrong. So, if you are having these thoughts, erase them from your mind and never act on such.

Have fun with friends
Hang around with your friends the more – you really need that. You can decide to go on a vacation, go to bars, go to clubs and dance it off. All these will ease off the tension.

Time heals a broken heart
Just know that a broken heart cannot be mended in a day, it will take some time. Follow these tips, and you will feel better and with time, you will recover.

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