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The Most Amazing Ways to Deal with an Annoying Ex

One of the most difficult thing to manage in life is break-ups; especially one that happens to a very important relationship. Breaking up with a loved one is not easy to manage as it has emotional effect on one.
The Most Amazing Ways to Deal with an Annoying Ex


In most cases, most party has to go through it; and in doing this, there are healthy and unhealthy ways of dealing with it. In many cases one of the partners might take the unhealthy way with dealing with such break-ups, in other words, trying to punish the other partner; then there are ways of dealing with such partners.

How to deal with an annoying ex

The best ways to deal with an annoying ex will be fervently discussed here. And it will be good to state from the beginning here that the best way to deal with an annoying ex is to ensure that you focus on having a good health and also making sure your very own well-being is your utmost priority.


Deal with an evil ex by ignoring him or her

There is nothing bad in remaining friends with your ex; however, if they are turning to a real pain in the a*s, then the best thing to do is to ignore them.

This can be done by ignoring their calls or texts (blocking their lines will be best), blocking them on social media; as this is very important.

Do not be swayed by their emotions

Once you know and you are certain the relationship is over, do not be deceived by their emotions. Exes know the right button to push and of course it works out for them many times; except you can stop it by being unmoved by their pleas or emotional talks.

Some might start crying, some might remind you of the promises you have both made in the past, or perhaps the good times you’ve both spent in the past. Do not be moved by this, as this is just an emotional stunt to get you back.

Do not justify your reasons

If you ever have the opportunity of having a heart to heart talk with your ex, never try to justify your reasons for breaking up with him or her. It’s not bad to tell your ex why you break up with him or her, but it’s pretty bad if you are trying to justify your reason for your act.

You might be forced into an argument that you could never win and that could still bring you back into the relationship. As a result, be firm with your decision and let him or her know it’s over.

Carefully assess the situation you are in

If your ex is the type that is stalking you, making threats or perhaps harassing you, then the police should be informed and possibly a court injunction might be needed too.

Always report to the police if you feel you are in danger, or your ex is making some form of physical and non-physical threats to you.


Tell your family, friends and associates about it

One or more of your family or friends might want to try to bring you back together. However, the best thing to do is to have a serious talk with them, and make them see why you are opting out of the relationship. Also let them realize your ex is becoming a threat to you.

Aside this let them know they shouldn’t give private information about you to him or her, as this might be dangerous.

Fight against the ‘for old time sake’ syndrome

If truly you are ready to move on, then you have to let go of everything and concentrate on the future. I have seen many guys and ladies who are not happy in their relationship; and when you ask why they are still in it, they tell you for old time sake.

It is advisable that you use your head this time and don’t listen to your heart. Forget about the past and embrace what lies ahead of you in the future.

Keep to these ways and you will definitely see it will help out. Let’s hear your thoughts and views!

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