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Reasons Why and How You Should Clean Your Sex Toys

As at the time of writing this post, the world’s population is around 7.6 billion, and I can tell you that there are millions of people who don’t take their bath on daily basis, millions who don’t change their underwear daily, as well as million who do not change their clothes on a regular basis. Although all of these are hazardous to the health, but not as hazardous as not giving your sex toys the proper care they deserve.  

Sex toys are meant for our pleasure, they give us the pleasure we desire, and at the same time, they can kill us (hey! Don’t get scared). By kill, what I mean is the hygienic aspect of our toys – they need to be properly taken care of; and if we do not, then we risk been a carrier of so many diseases. (Now you can see what I mean by death).

Once you purchase a toy, the first thing to do is a thorough cleaning of it, and our toys should be cleaned each time after we must have used them, as well as a little cleaning before using them. Some toys don’t go with using water to clean them, so be sure to follow the toy’s manual for cleaning it.

Always have it in mind that your toys are regular visitors of your most intimate parts, thus keeping them in a good condition will ensure you don’t fall a victim of some diseases that may be related to sexual intercourse.  

Reasons why you should clean your sex toys include the following:

Bacterial Infection

If after using your toys you just put them away without cleaning, then you risk contacting bacteria, as the sexual organs is filled with bacteria; the good, the not so good and the bad ones. And they can cause chaos when removed from their habitat. Just know that cleaning your toys after using them is a whole lot of deal, as it prevents you from bacterial infections.

Sexually Transmitted Infections

During that wild moment, your sex toys might be used with your partner, and you risk STIs if you don’t clean them after use.

Bacterial Vaginosis

Bacterial Vaginosis (BV) is a common infection in women, and it is an abnormal vaginal condition which results from an overgrowth of atypical bacteria in the vagina. You don’t need to be sexually active with other people to contact this disease, as not cleaning your toys might lead to it.

Always do the following for proper care of your sex toys
-          Follow manufacturers’ instructions
-          Keep storage bags in hygienic condition
-          Always clean before and after use
-          Use toy wipes
-          Use fragrance-free soaps
-          Always dry them with a clean towel

Doing the above will drastically reduce your chance of contacting a disease or an infection from your toys.

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