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How to: Ways and Signs to Know if You Are in Love

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Have you been seeing anyone lately? And your conversations hit the right tune, you enjoy his or her company, and you have a lot of interests in common. Despite all of these, you are still not sure if you are really in love with her or not. Is he buying you gifts, and you think you are in love with him; well that is never a factor for being in love with someone.

You are still not sure, and I guess that’s why you and many others are reading this. The signs discussed here will let you know if you are in love or not.

You will try everything possible to impress and please him or her

This is the number one sign and way that really makes you know if you are in love with someone. Who wouldn’t want to create a good impression when starting out? You will do some things at times that are not convenient for you, something like skipping your rest hours just to keep an appointment with him. If you are doing that already, you are in love.

You are always yourself whenever you are around him or her

Have you been feeling low lately and when she’s around you, you feel whole and happy instantly? Then you are in love. Did you get in fight with your sibling(s) or parents and you forgot the pain immediately you are with him. This is a sure sign that you are in love with him or her, if you are having this sign, don’t think too much, you are in love.

You are always eager to tell him or her something new

You might be the shy type or the type that talks much, that does not really matter. In so far you are always feeling like tell her new things about yourself, what you’ve done in the past and what you hope for in the future. Sometime something new might happen to you, and you feel like breaking it to him or her first, that’s one of the signs of being in love with someone.

You want people to know you are going out with him or her

Are your siblings aware of his presence in your life? Perhaps your friends know her or her name already. Are you showing her off? Are you holding his hands in public places already? Well, you are going head over heel for him or her already, and I can tell you that is one of the signs of being in love.

Scared of losing him or her

Are you scared of losing him or her? Remember, you don’t want to lose anyone or anything that is very dear to your heart. If right from the beginning you are already scared of loosing that person, then definitely, you are falling in love with him or her, and it’s time you admit to that fact, as this is also a sign of being in love with someone.

He or she is always on your mind

Do you always think of him or her constantly? Your thoughts are always like ‘what’s she doing right now?’, ‘she should have woken up by now’, ‘will he like this cloth?’. All these show that he or she is always on your mind; and being on your mind shows that you are falling in love with him or her. These signs and feeling is one of those signs.

You always think he or she is the perfect fit for you

In some relationships, there is the that a partner is not the best, then such person might have the feeling that there is that perfect man of lady out there who is made for him or her. However in your case, you think that guy or lady is the perfect match, and you don’t want any other person other than him or her. This is definitely a sign of falling in love, and if you are already thinking in such direction, then you are already in love.

If you are having any of this sign, then you are in love with that special guy or lady, you need to check your heart and face the reality of things.

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