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Feeling Sexually Dissatisfied? These Tips will Help You

Do you always feel dissatisfied each time you are done having sexual intercourse with your partner? Do you think you’re a sex addict? Don’t worry dear, you are not alone, so many people are in the same shoe. I have been there before; and even sometimes I do feel I am not sexually satisfied. However, with keeping to these tips, I have been able to overcome this dissatisfaction.

 The tips that will be discussed here will help you overcome your sexual dissatisfaction.

Distraction during sexual intercourse

One of the ways to show you are not getting satisfied during sexual intercourse is being distracted when you are in the middle of it; which is usually caused by stress. In order to overcome this, ask yourself some questions like:

  • Where does my mind wander off to during sexual intercourse?
  • What can I do to stop it?

Stop concentrating on climax alone

You should not always concentrate on reaching climax, as it might not give you the pleasure involved in having sexual intercourse. You need to live out every moment, and try to pleasure your partner, which will in turn lead to pleasure on your own part.

Communication is the key

couple communicating

One key to succeed in anything that involves two or more people is ‘communication’. Without it, the other party cannot be sure of what is on your mind. Same thing applies to sexual intercourse among lovers; you need to tell your partner what you need, what you wish for. So many couples feel withdrawn when it comes to telling their partners what they desire in bed; you should not be shy of saying what you wished for. Talk to him or her and let them understand you are not getting the satisfaction you wished for, and tell them your needs and desires.

Less of masturbation

Masturbation might lead to dissatisfaction when you do the real thing. According to Dr. Rachel Needle of Modern Sex Therapy Institutes, masturbation may indicate finding ways to be more sexual aside being with your partner; and this might affect your sexual connection with your partner.

Stop having too much fantasy about being with another person
There is a study that states that fantasizing about someone that you really want to be with while having sexual intercourse with another person might help your libido and performance. However, excess of a ‘thing’ is usually not good, this also applies to sexual fantasies – you should not have much fantasy, in the long run, it will make you lose interest in your partner.

Add excitement and don’t have one routine

You should introduce new things into your sex life, and make it unpredictable, as this will erase the possibility of boredom. You should think of new sex positions, think of having sexual intercourse in other suitable place aside from the bedroom, this should spark a new flame in your sex life.

Don’t have high expectations

Try to tame your expectations, don’t believe all you see on porn videos or pictures – those people are actors, and might fake so many things. You should not judge your partner based on that, as judging him or her based on that might affect you sex life in a negative way.

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Thanks for reading this; we do hope you learnt one or two things from it. Drop your comment and let’s hear from you.

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