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Amazing TIPS in making a sugar-free chocolate

Do you know excessive sugar is not good for your body. But still, you fell in love with chocolate. Do you love chocolate but scared to eat it because of you health? Sugar!!! Well, well well, here are few simple tips on how to make a homemade sugar-free chocolate. Yummy!!! What are the things you need? About 50 grams of cocoabutter. You can always get that from grocery and health stores. ¼ cup of cocoa powder. You can also get that from grocery and health stores. Add more of it if you want it darker. 1/8 cup of honey. Honey is way better for your health than our friend, sugar. A pinch of salt. Flavor. A container. That's all. How to prepare you choco, choco, chocolate. Put the cocoabutter in the container. Boil some water and pour in a bowl. Place the container containing the cocoabutter in the bowl of hot water. Make sure water doesn't get into the cocoabutter as that may spoil it. Leave it to melt. Once done, it will turn liquid. Let's move on to other process. Add the coc